3 June 2013

Cut Costs And Save Time – Boost Your Call Centre Service With SMS

by Triin Linamagi

SMS For Call Centre

Text messaging has plenty of unique advantages over other forms of communications such as emails or phone calls. It can also be used to great effect in call centres to simplify the process, improve communication and cut costs.

Let’s see how SMS messaging can work within the busiest call centres, and what you can learn and incorporate into your business model from their experiences.

Recently Aleksandra joined our team at TextMagic as client account manager. She has a strong call centre background, with over six years experience in working in this particular sector. So we asked Aleksandra how call centres can use text messaging effectively, and what the benefits are.
Here are some of her thoughts on what is a very interesting interpretation of how text messaging services can be incorporated into a high-tech industry that relies on instant communications.

“I have been working in call centres for several years and I think SMS Service is a much more useful tool for a large call centre than you would first think,” she comments.

Aleksandra believes that there are three primary benefits SMS messaging has in a call centre environment:

• Fluent and convenient communication both with clients and employees
• Fast and high response rates
• Great surveying method

Customer Support via SMS

Have you ever considered automating a process of answering customer queries received after working hours? When your call centre is not open in the evenings and at night time, those leads you get during that time might already be cold by the morning. Missed opportunities can mean missed business potential.

When a customer subscribes for your service, then you can simply send a greeting text message to customer’s mobile and ask if she would like support via SMS.

By doing this you pro-actively establish personal and trustful connection with your customer. Any time a customer requires assistance or help he or she can request a callback via SMS or send a message with an enquiry, to which you can configure an auto reply based on keywords within the question – similar to how a search engine pulls up results based on the search term used.

For support queries, keywords such as “Callback”, “Price quotation”, “Refund”, “Password”, “Trial” could trigger a response via SMS messaging.

Mostly customers are not very eager to look into your FAQ sections and prefer calling or emailing their question. So SMS would be even more convenient, especially after normal working hours.

The customer receives an immediate reply and you can even reduce staff costs. Your IT developers will be very surprised how easy it is to integrate the SMS Gateway with your current interface.

Improvement in communications with your employees

Call Centre managers face issues with poor staffing due to vacations, absenteeism, sicknesses or abnormal high call volume every day. Some of those things cannot be predicted and according to Murphy’s Law (which states that if anything can go wrong, it will – and usually at the most inconvenient time!) these mishaps occur early in the morning or late evening.

Do you feel comfortable to call your colleagues very early in the morning after they worked a late shift to ask if they wouldn’t mind coming in early or do some overtime? And on a more practical level, how many times has an agent has picked up the phone when they see it’s their manager calling?

Rather than the traditional method of making contact, which can be misinterpreted as an intrusion, you can send a nice text message instead, explaining the situation and asking if they wouldn’t mind doing you a huge favour! You’re more likely to get a positive response from them as a result.

Next time, we look at some more benefits of using SMS messaging in a call centre context, and how it can be migrated into any business model.

So, Stay Tuned..

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