11 July 2013

Retail Marketing – 5 Mobile Marketing Tips to Reach Your Customers in Summertime

by Triin Linamagi

Temperatures are rising, the sun is shining, people are enjoying themselves outdoors. The battle has begun to grab customers’ attention to get them into your store to buy.

But Summertime also brings opportunities for small businesses to get creative with marketing efforts and get the first piece of the pie when it comes to consumer spending in Summer.

So we will give you, retail marketers, some good tips on how to reach your customers via SMS this Summer.

1. Create attractive SMS campaigns to get more opt-ins

Create attractive SMS campaigns. Invite your customers to participate in campaigns to win an outdoor festival ticket, a travel coupon, a getaway in the countryside or anything else that people would go for during Summer time.

You can also run group promotions which mean your customer must invite friends or family to opt in as well. Nobody wants to go to festivals or travel alone – friends or family always go too – so this is the best time to increase your opt-in list by offering your customers some enjoyable activity outdoors and asking them to invite other people to join.

2. Offer something additional to get people in your store

How do you think your Summer sales campaign is different from that of other stores in your neighbourhood?

All stores have sales during Summer. This is no secret, and customers are aware of this well-known fact. So when the ‘start’ bell rings, people run to get the best discounts.
Help potential customers to find their way to your store, and offer them something extra. For example, send a bulk text message to your customers : ‘With every purchase worth of £100, you’ll get a free entrance into the best rooftop lounge in the city and a free cocktail.’ And don’t forget to add the promo code.

Find some good partners to organise the campaign. It is definitely a win–win situation. And who wouldn’t like to go out to show off their new clothes in Summer time and spend a great evening?

3. Get your campaigns outdoor to get people indoors

Promote your upcoming campaign outdoors. Where are most of the people during hot Summer days? At the beach, in parks, anywhere in open air. Create events or become a sponsor of big events, and find opportunities to promote your product.

One of the best examples is Coca-Cola’s campaign on Essence Music Festival. There were more than 40,000 attendees. Coca-Cola was a presenting sponsor at the event and was featured in a main-stage moment.

During the show, attendees were encouraged to text the keyword “CELEBRATE” then space followed by their first and last names to the short code 66937. The company was giving away tickets to its BBQ event to the first 500 entries, as well as four VIP passes.
The company found that in 30 seconds, 3,145 people pulled out their phones for a chance to win.

4. Find the right partners

Focus on finding the right partners for your Summertime campaigns. Think about the activities people are most likely doing in Summer.
Most people enjoy cold drinks, dining or having brunch on an outside terrace rather than inside. We spend a lot of time at the beach during the holidays, we do sports outside, maybe participate in some sports events. We definitely visit at least two festivals during the summer; find out the most suitable for your target group.

When you have found the right partners, contact them, prepare your advertising materials, and don’t forget SMS campaigns, because the easiest way to get people to opt in is to ask them to send text message on a simple number for an immediate discount or voucher.

5. Create a buzz

Be creative and use social media. In summer time, when people use the internet while on holiday at all, then most likely they will log in to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

For example, if you are in the fashion industry, ask your followers to rate your latest summer collection; even better, a specific part of the collection – swimwear. Ask them to vote through SMS by just typing in the code, and don’t forget to ask them to ‘like’ their favourite collection.
And, of course, offer some incentives, for example a chance to win the favourite swimwear collection. People love to vote, share and ‘like’ their favourites, especially when there is a chance to win.
Double win for you: you have grown your marketing list and you have promoted your brand, and you already have some new customers.

So, use Summertime to turn up the heat on your brand and your mobile campaigns. This way, you will get only the best results. Just be creative!

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