24 June 2011

Top Five Reasons for Insurance Companies to Use the TextMagic Text Messaging Service

by admin

SMS is a largely untapped method for business communication, yet as more and more people are depending on their phones to supplement their changing and increasingly tech-centered lifestyles, the text message medium is becoming more prevalent. Insurance companies should learn how to connect through a text messaging service if they want to maintain business. However, the SMS medium is notoriously hard to work with. TextMagic makes the medium much easier with its Email to SMS service, which allows car insurance companies or life insurance companies to send and receive text messages through a standard emailing program. Read on to learn why your business needs this program.

Brunel Insurance

1) Short And Sweet

Text messages are known for being easy to digest, which should be the emphasis of any sort of business communication. There is a reason that people nowadays seem to text more than they talk. Because they are short and sweet, the information is imparted more quickly and thoroughly. There is no need to couch a text message in a lot of long-winded salutations. If you would like to remind clients to call you back, simply send a text stating, “When are you free for me to call?” If you need to inform a client of a late payment, simply text, “Insurance payment was due a week ago. When will you be able to pay?”

2) Greater Response Rate

One satisfied customer using TextMagic, Brunel Insurance, wrote, “When writing to our customers it could take anything up to 10 days to get a reply, that’s if the letter was not left on the mantelpiece. Now 80% of our texts are replied to within 2 minutes.” The more difficult it is to reply, the less likely it is that a customer or client will do it. However, by using TextMagic, you are using the easiest form of communication available, and a customer will likely dash off a quick reply giving you the exact information that you need.

3) Email Offers Improved User Interface and More Features

By using an email program, you can effectively send a message to as many people as you want. This is perfect if you need to send a mass reminder to pay bills or if you want to offer a promotion or special message to a lot of clients at once through SMS. Additionally, while most SMS sending service systems don’t offer the ability to carbon copy or blind carbon copy a text message, TextMagic allows you to do so with ease. You can SMS-enable your favourite email program and utilise many of the same features for emails, such as variable fields or other business necessities, in a text message.

4) Save on Postal Costs

Brunel Insurance writes of TextMagic, “Not only does it save us postal costs it saves us time.” Indeed, it is important for insurance companies to save money wherever they are able to do so, and postal costs are one such place. If a company has one thousand clients and a letter needs to be sent to every client, postal costs are approximately $320. The cost of using a text messaging service to connect with one thousand people is infinitely smaller than that.

5) Keep Records Easily

By using TextMagic’s email to SMS sending service, you can keep records more easily than if you send important messages via paper. You know exactly what you sent and when you received a reply, so if there are ever any legal issues down the line, you will have all the documentation saved in your email program of choice. Brunel Insurance writes, “The process is so slick; just write an email and send, we have a full audit trail of what has been said and what replies we have received.”

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