Text Message Marketing for Car Dealerships

37% of prospective car buyers want to hear from car dealerships via SMS. Find out how you can leverage the power of text messaging for your auto dealership.

Conduct SMS Polls & Surveys

Ask critical questions about your business or profile new leads with effective car dealership text messaging solutions.

Incentivize Sales with SMS Offers

Assign keywords to automatically give out discount codes to eligible customers after the send your company a text message.

Automate an Infoline for Clients

Around 46% of car buyers want to hear from their dealership after a purchase. Automate SMS support to provide useful tips to subscribers.

Car Dealership Text Message Marketing Solutions

Useful SMS Templates for Car Dealerships

Attract more customers and increase sales with our cost-effective SMS templates.

Car dealership opt-in confirmations
Hello! [name] here from [car dealership]! Thanks for subscribing to our mobile newsletter. What auto brands are you interested in?
Appointment confirmations
Hey [name], do you have 30 minutes on [date] at [time] to check out some of our cars? Our address is [address]. Reply with YES to confirm. [car dealership].
Appointment reminders
[Name], just wanted to make sure you can still make our appointment on [date] at [time]. Please reply with YES to confirm.
[car dealership]
Replying to car information requests
Hey, [car dealership name] here! Happy to hear you’re interested in our [car model]. Check out the full specs and price at: bit.ly/car-model. Need more help? Reply to this text with your questions, and we’ll get back to you!
Maintenance tips
Hello [name], how are you enjoying your new [car brand]? Don’t forget to check your air filter and spark plugs periodically. For more tips about car maintenance check out our guide: bit.ly/car-service-tips
SMS deals and promotions
Hey [name]. Are you still looking to buy a [car brand]? We have great discounts for subscribers. Get $5,000 off by showing this text to your auto dealer.
[car dealership]
Auto-responders for car details
Hi [name]! How are you? I just found the perfect car for you. It meets your budget and feature requests. Check it out here: . We also have a 5% discount on the full price if you decide to buy in the next 48 hours. [agent]
SMS Infoline
We work with [insurance company]. Save up to 70% on your insurance by buying for us. Our policies have the highest settlement ratio. For more info on your options please visit: bit.ly/insurance-plans.

Key Benefits of SMS for Car Dealerships

Still not sure if you want to implement text message marketing for your car dealership?
Here are a few benefits that you should consider.

SMS automotive loyalty programs

Auto clients love SMS loyalty programs. 23% of them will also refer a friend if they are satisfied. Encourage SMS referrals with loyalty programs.

Texting is a lot faster than calling

Instead of calling hundreds of customers every week, you can schedule bulk SMS and have them call you back at a convenient time. This will save you time and money.

Car sales text messages can be targeted

Use TextMagic to segment your audience into lists. Send personalized texts to the right audience to increase your ROI and reduce costs.

Text messages are very effective

According to a recent study, 90% of people will read a text within four minutes of receiving it. This makes text marketing for car dealerships incredibly effective.

Customers can contact you on their terms

Phone calls can be inconvenient for busy customers. Encourage them to communicate on their terms, by SMS or by calling you back, to increase your conversion rates.

Easy way to send more auto details

Full specifications and other necessary auto documents can be sent as automated SMS attachments or short links to your site.

Text Message Marketing Solutions for your Car Dealership

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our useful text messaging features.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Never miss an appointment and give clients a convenient way to cancel or reschedule with SMS automotive integrations.

Automated Car Dealership Texts

Configure automatic rules for processing customer inquiries, give out discounts, and offer customer support 24/7.

Bulk SMS & Attachments

Send car sales text messages with auto details as attachments to hundreds of clients with one tap.

Click-to-Text Forms

Encourage online visitors to contact you directly through text by setting up click-to-text forms on your company website.

Two-Way SMS Chat

Improve two-way communication and send targeted auto deals by viewing your conversation history as SMS chats.

Sub-Accounts for Your Dealers

Configure sub-accounts for team members, budget your SMS spending, and monitor individual performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Text message marketing for car dealerships doesn’t have to be hard. We’re here to help you get started. Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients:

What is the best way to target my car dealership text messaging campaign?

There are several strategies that you can use. Whether you are working with a new contact list or importing an old one, we recommend conducting an SMS survey to get a better understanding of your customers preferences. This survey will help you automatically assign contacts to relevant lists.

Let’s say that we want to understand what brand of car your prospects want. We will send out a bulk text to your entire list and set up automation rules based on their response. This will assign contacts to relevant lists (e.g. “Honda clients”, “BMW clients”, etc.). The next time that you have a BMW on sale, you can promote it to the relevant list of contacts.

You can segment even deeper, by asking customers about their budget, desired engine size, etc. Remember that all texts show as SMS chats, so you can analyze your conversation history and send individually targeted deals. This will help you to save money and increase conversion rates.

How can I encourage existing customers to refer friends via SMS?

The best way to encourage referrals is by offering discounts or special prizes for every referral. This is also a great strategy to encourage repeat sales. You can automatically assign referral discounts with the help of SMS automation rules.

Example: “Show this to your friend and have them text BUDDY to 332-391-332 for a 5% discount on their first purchase. You will also receive a $1,500 discount on your next purchase. Friendship rocks!”

How can I set up a Click-to-Text form on my website?

Setting up click-to-text forms for your car dealership text message marketing campaign is easy. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free trial. Navigate to Services -> Forms.

Step #2: Click on “New Form” and select “Click to Text”. Our tool will redirect you to a configuration menu. Feel free to customize your header text, background, and description, and swap between the minimized or expanded view. TextMagic will update a preview of your widget every time you make a change.

Step #3: Once you are ready, click on “Continue”.

Step #4: Decide on the countries that you want to send automotive SMS to and the list that you want contacts to be assigned to. Click “Next”.

Step #5: Copy the HTML code for your SMS code and paste it before the closing tag on your site. Our click-to-text widget is compatible with all platforms. All messages sent via the widget will be displayed as SMS chats in your TextMagic dashboard.

How can I automate my car dealership’s SMS infoline?

There’s no need to respond to common customer inquiries manually. Here’s how you can set up automation rules for your car dealerships text message marketing campaign:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free trial. Navigate to Services -> Automation Rules.

Step #2: Click on “Create a new rule”.

Step #3: Fill out all the necessary fields, select the TextMagic number that you want the rule assigned to, as well as the keyword that will trigger the rule. Click “Continue”.

Step #4: Select the auto-response type. Since we are configuring rules for your SMS Infoline, we will opt for “Text message”. Type the automotive SMS that you desire or import one of your templates. Deselect the “trigger rule only once to new and unique numbers” and click “Continue”.

Step #5: Configure a secondary action for contacts management and click “Continue”. Repeat the process for every keyword that you want to trigger an automatic response.

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