SMS marketing for insurance companies

You have probably invested thousands of dollars trying to attract new leads that you are hoping to convert. But there is a better way to interact with clients.
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Bulk SMS may appeal to some customers, but targeting different segments with special offers leads to better conversions.
You can encourage customers to renew their subscriptions or make payments with automated text message reminders.
Using Textmagic’s personalized messages, you can inform customers of their policy numbers and start dates.

Set up your SMS insurance campaign with SMS templates

Attract more leads and insurance customers with our cost-effective insurance SMS templates.
Payment reminders
Hello [name], we’ve noticed that your payment for this month is missing. Please submit the payment by [due date] to avoid problems. Feel free to call or text if you are having trouble with the payment. [insurance company]
Directions & appointment reminders
Hey [name], [specialist name] here. Just wanted to remind you about our meeting today at [time]. Here is a link with directions to my office:
Hello [name], my name is [specialist name], and I will be in charge of your account. Looking forward to seeing you today at [time]. Please reply ‘YES’ to confirm your appointment, or let me know if you need to reschedule.
Requesting additional documents
Hey [name], thank you for meeting me today. I just need one more document to complete your paperwork. Can you please text me back or call: [number] at your earliest convenience? Thanks, [specialist name]
Policy changes
Hello [name], this is a quick reminder that the terms of your policy have been updated to comply with new regulations. Please review the changes by visiting this link:
[insurance company]
Insurance SMS opt-in confirmation
Thank you for joining our message list. Feel free to contact one of our consultants at any time: [number], or read our educational materials on choosing the best insurance plans:
[insurance company]

Key benefits of SMS marketing for insurance companies

Communicating with leads that are about to convert and clients who want to hear from you should be your top priority. Insurance SMS solutions make this possible.
Boost productivity
Automating text alerts with information on customer insurance policies helps you cut down costs and stimulate renewals.
Send targeted texts with special offers or loyalty discounts on insurance policies to encourage conversions and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.
Instead of calling customers, or sending printed letters, why not notify them through short text alerts? People always read SMS messages.
Boost productivity
Offer customer support via text, set-up voice call forwarding for complicated inquiries, and contact customers, on their terms, with SMS.
It’s crucial for insurance companies to nurture meaningful relationships with clients. Personalized insurance SMS messages help you improve customer loyalty.
Friendly text reminders for due invoices and payment reminders help you to free up funds and reduce the number of missed renewals

SMS marketing & alert services for insurance companies

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.
Reduce the number of no-shows and their costs by integrating your booking app with Textmagic.
Set-up SMS automation rules for common customer inquiries and provide support around the clock.
Increase the value of customer acquisitions through cross-selling, or send informational texts in bulk.
Find out what customers think about your insurance company by running SMS feedback polls.
Customize mobile subscriber forms on your site to capture more leads and communicate with them.
Send quotes or insurance details to your customers’ phones as SMS attachments or short links.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the most actionable uses of SMS for an insurance company?

There are many ways in which you can utilize insurance SMS, apart from the ones described above. Here are a few ideas:

  • Inform customers about the progress of their application.
  • Send real-time alerts every time a payment is processed.
  • Send policy numbers and start dates via text.
  • Make it easy for customers to request additional information and answer instantly with SMS auto-responders.
  • Give customers the option to call your customer support line for further details. Include your forwarding numbers in texts for quick access.
  • Reach out to old customers and offer better value service to encourage reactivation.
  • Segment your insurance SMS marketing campaign. Test different offers on smaller groups to see which ones work best.
  • Put the feedback obtained in SMS surveys to good use by encouraging happy clients to leave a review and by finding out what you did wrong with unsatisfied ones.
  • Offer loyalty incentives, thus encouraging customers to extend their insurance agreements.
  • Automatically manage your booking schedule by integrating Textmagic with your scheduling app.
  • Promote informational blog posts by forwarding them as SMS short links to your subscribers.
How can I automate appointment reminders, cancellations, and schedule changes?

If you operate a small insurance company, you can send appointment reminders relatively fast with manually scheduled SMS.

For instant scheduling, we recommend integrating SMS with your favorite scheduling and booking app. Here’s a step-by-step guide to scheduling insurance appointments:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial. Navigate to the Zapier integrations page. Find your scheduling app on the list.

Step #2: Connect your tools (Textmagic + scheduling app). Choose your trigger and action. Some zaps are predefined, but you can also use your imagination. We will set the trigger as “SCHEDULED BOOKING” and the action as “SEND MESSAGE”. Click Connect and follow the steps outlined by the tool. It’s super intuitive.

OPTIONAL: For every canceled booking you can also set an automatic SMS blast to fill the slot. You can offer a small discount to incentivize your customers.

Note: Each scheduling app has specific integration rules. Make sure you read the instructions and test your Zaps before publishing them. For more powerful functionality you can also integrate the Textmagic SMS API into your software.

What scheduling and booking apps do you support?

We support many scheduling apps and are adding more each day. Some of the apps in the list below can be used for online conferences or meetings:

  • 10to8 Online Booking
  • BookingSync
  • Planyo Online Booking
  • HoneyBook
  • BookingKoala
  • ScheduleOnce
  • GoToMeeting (online)
  • MeetingBird (online)
  • BookLikeABoss
  • Google Calendar
  • Acuity Scheduling (online)

For the full list of integrations, please visit our Zapier integrations page.