SMS Marketing Services for Agencies

Regardless of how large or small your agency is, it can benefit from SMS marketing services delivering information to your entire customer base instantly.

Create New Experiences for Clients

Use text alerts, discounts, and event notifications to create new customer experiences.

Keep Clients Engaged

Our solutions make it very easy for marketing agencies to share changes in upcoming events.

Elevate Customer Service

Clients will always appreciate timely customer support and various channels for feedback.

SMS Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Setting Up Your Marketing Campaign with SMS Templates

Attract more leads and customers with our cost-effective marketing SMS templates.

Obtain consent
Thanks for your business. Text SUBSCRIBE to [number] to receive loyalty discounts and exclusive promotions.

Keep it conversational
“[company]: Thanks for opting in! Stay tuned for [product] fun all summer long (max 10msg/mo). Text STOP to opt-out, OFFERS for more info, or HELP for T&C’s.”
“PEW-PEW, brand new [product] available at [store].
Personalized bulk offers
Dear [name], this is [company]. To redeem exclusive discounts on our new product link, please visit:

Automated support
Hello, I am [name], your automated assistant. Nice to meet you!”
“[store] is closed right now, but we open again at 9:00AM. Until then, allow me to help you with your order.
Time-sensitive offers
At [company] we appreciate your business. We know it’s a *pain point* so stop by our shop today for [offer] FREE!
Reply STOP to opt-out.
New feature launches
Hey [name], we are glad to announce that we have launched a new feature called – [Feature name]. If you are interested, please reply YES.

Key Benefits of SMS Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Not sure if SMS marketing is the right call for your agency? Here are a few benefits that will make you change your mind:

Better than other marketing channels

Only 22% of email, 29% of tweets, and 22% of Facebook posts are read. Interestingly, 98% of text messages are opened (90% of texts are read within 15 minutes).

Lower advertising costs

Traditional and digital marketing solutions aren’t cheap, especially if you want to see results. SMS marketing services, on the other hand, are low-cost and promise great ROI.

Drive traffic To & From your site

By constantly communicating with customers through SMS and including short links to your site, you can encourage them to visit it and drive more traffic.

Great return on investment (ROI)

SMS marketing for agencies represents a cheap and targeted means of promotion. Sending personalized messages will make clients feel special.

Measurable goals

With the TextMagic’s ‘Tracking & Reports’ feature you can monitor the performance of campaigns instantly. Take control of your mobile marketing costs and develop better strategies for the future.

Streamline internal efforts

Two-way text messaging isn’t only used for marketing or customer communication. It can also be used to streamline the efforts of team members and increase productivity.

SMS Marketing and Text Message Solutions for Agencies

SMS marketing campaigns have the potential to outshine traditional forms of advertising because they are simple, cost-effective and irresistible to clients. Below are the SMS solutions that you can integrate into your marketing campaign.

List Building & Subscribe Forms

Collect mobile numbers from your site and grow your SMS list with customizable subscriber forms.

Send Bulk Texts Online

Save time, ride the trend wave, and send marketing offers in bulk with our SMS broadcast feature.

Sub-accounts for Team Members

Create sub-accounts for your team members. Distribute credit across accounts and monitor performance.

Reporting & Analytics

Access performance metrics and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns from the analytics dashboard.

SMS Distribution Lists

Forward SMS campaigns to targeted lists to increase response and conversion rates in a matter of minutes.

Zapier Integrations

Take your inbound and outbound marketing to the next level by integrating SMS with your sales and lead nurturing apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To enjoy the full functionality of SMS marketing solutions, please read our FAQ section before starting your campaign:

What marketing tools can I connect to TextMagic?

We are proud to say that we support over 1,000 integrations with third-party tools. These tools will enable you to enhance TextMagic and automate business texting:

  • Marketing apps: Facebook Lead ads, Instapage, etc.

  • CRM: PipeDrive, Hubspot CRM, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM, etc.

  • Marketing automation: ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, Act-on, Ontraport, Hubspot etc.

  • Email marketing: MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

  • Marketing funnels: ClickFunnels, etc.

  • Spreadsheets and database tools: AirTable, SmartSheet, GoogleDrive, etc.

  • Form builders: Wufoo, CognitoForms, GravityForms, etc.

  • Customer support tools: SalesForce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, etc.

  • Lead generation tools: Speak2Leads, LeadPages,, etc.

  • Landing page tools and chat platforms: Unbounce,, etc.

  • Payment tools: Stripe, Paypal, etc.

The tools above, and more, integrate with our SMS marketing service platform in a variety of ways. Please check the full list of integrations and their specific implementations here.

How can I offer better customer support with SMS?

You can offer support via SMS either by configuring automation rules for common customer inquiries or by integrating TextMagic with customer support tools. You can define actions with Zapier that automatically:

  • Sent texts for every new user created.

  • Create tickets for every incoming call.

  • Send text messages to customers every time a ticket is updated.

  • Assign contacts to lists based on their actions.

Configuring automation rules for common customer inquiries is easy. First, you need to define frequently used keywords in customer inquiries. Then, you have to set-up an automated message response for that keyword. If automated SMS support is not enough, you can also provide a voice call forwarding number. Read our full guide for SMS autoresponders.

What industries can benefit from SMS marketing campaigns?

Every industry requires a solid marketing strategy. Find out how other businesses are implementing our SMS marketing service to boost sales and attract more customers. Read our testimonials page or check out our industry-specific SMS solutions.

Thousands of Small Businesses Are Already Using TextMagic

Thousands of Businesses are Already Using TextMagic

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