SMS Marketing for Sports Teams

Sports SMS marketing is about more than simple score updates. Find out how you can attract and engage your fans with our text messaging app.

Nurture Your Fan Base

Use bulk SMS for instant news reports. Make your fans feel special with personalized texts.

Announce Match Changes

Notify your fans of last-minute schedule changes or cancellations with real-time text updates.

Grow Your Sports Club

Encourage new and existing fans to opt-in to your SMS list for exclusive news and event access.

SMS Marketing Solutions for Sports Teams

Custom SMS Templates for Sports Teams

Attract more fans and grow your club with our cost-effective SMS templates.

SMS opt-in confirmation
Hello, please confirm your subscription for the [team name] list to receive news and updates about our team. Reply with YES to continue receiving messages.
Upcoming events announcements
Hello [name], we would like to let you know that the next game of [sports team name] will take place at [place]  at [time/date].  Get your early bird tickets at
Event reminders
[Team name] reminder: the next game of [sports team name] will take place at [place]  at [time/date].  Get your tickets at
Team management
Hello [Team member name], please do not forget that we are departing tomorrow [date]  at [time]  from [location]. 
Please arrive at [location] at least 1 hour in advance. 
Early bird tickets
Buy your tickets for [event name] until [date] and receive a 25% discount. Only 400 early bird tickets are still available, so grab yours today:
Health check reminders for team members
Hello [Team member name], we would like to remind you that your monthly health check will take place on [time/date] at [location]. Please do not forget to show up!

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Sports Teams

Teams, such as the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns, have been early adopters of text alerts and marketing solutions.

Insane response rates

People check their phones obsessively. This is the primary reason why SMS is considered the most effective channel for communication with sports fans.

Lower advertising costs, better ROI

A 30-second spot for the 2015 Super Bowl was $4.5million. SMS marketing may not give you the nation’s undivided attention, but it’s infinitely cheaper and guarantees long-term ROI.

Easy way to grow your global fanbase

Text messaging doesn’t require special software or internet access. With support in 190+ countries, TextMagic makes it easy to reach and grow a global fan-base.

Better team management

Text messaging can also be used to streamline communication between team members and to organize training schedules.

Great way to promote upcoming events

Let fans know about upcoming matches with a few clicks (or taps), and automate event registrations by integrating with Eventbrite.

Powerful channel for merch promotion

Promote branded merchandise to the right audience as part of your sports SMS marketing campaign.

Sports Team SMS Marketing Solutions for Your Fans

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.

Bulk SMS and Mail Merge

Send real-time sports scores and schedule updates with the help of our bulk texting feature.

Zapier SMS Integrations

Automate your communication flows by connecting thousands of business apps together.

Long Text Messages

Don’t limit your texts to 160 characters. You can send 918 character-long sports text alerts.

Scheduled Messages

Remind your fans about the upcoming games automatically and at the right time for them.

SMS Polls

Get your fans more involved in your sports team by asking them to participate in short SMS surveys.

Global SMS Coverage

Connect with sports fans all over the world. TextMagic is supported in 190+ countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sports teams SMS marketing is very intuitive. If you have trouble with the setup
of your campaign, you might want to check out our FAQs.

How can I promote my sports merch via SMS?

Details for sports merch can be included easily in your SMS blasts as short links that redirect fans back to your site or as SMS attachments. If you want to create a feeling of exclusivity among subscribers, you can also offer special discounts. These discounts can be tiered for various types of subscribers and promoted separately with the help of SMS distribution lists or marketing lists.

Can I automate sports score SMS alerts?

Of course!

TextMagic’s integration with Excel through Zapier makes it super easy to send score updates to your subscriber list. All you have to do is to connect TextMagic to your Excel. Every time you add a new row to the worksheet (e.g. score value), the tool will trigger a message for your subscribers

There is also an option to send score updates manually or by integrating with other applications.

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