Turn Text Messages into Voice Calls 

Create a text message and let Text to Speech feature turn it into a call to any mobile phone or landline
around the world.

Simply Better Communication

Make it possible for your recipients to receive voice calls.  

Conquer the Language Barrier

19 supported languages and your choice of voice: male or female.

Works with Mobiles & Landlines

No matter who you’re texting, we turn your words into calls.

Text to Speech: Turn Text Messages Into Voice Calls

Activate TextMagic's Text to Speech Feature

All your SMS messages are automatically converted into phone calls. Your recipient hears the spoken message immediately upon answering the call.

Text-to-speech: Step 1

You send a regular text message through our TextMagic web app.

Text-to-speech: Step 2

We convert the text into a spoken message in your preferred language and deliver it as a call.

Text-to-speech: Step 3

Your recipient hears the voice message upon answering it.

  • Endless Possibilities of Text to Speech
    Reach your customers in a personal and unexpected way – the possibilities are endless with our Text to Speech feature.

  • Simple Pricing Model
    Our pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for you. We simply deduct your balance for every Text to Speech message, just as we do with SMS.

  • Choose from 19 Languages
    Increase your conversion rate by getting closer to your target audience. We help you communicate with your customers in the language they understand.

  • Track Every Message with SMS Reports
    We help you control your budget by letting you access and track your Text to Speech history and delivery rates on the SMS reporting pages.

Choose from 19 Languages – Male or Female Voices

We can customise your voice messages to precisely match your needs.

Dutch, Netherlands
English, Australia
English, UK
English, US
French, Canada
French, France
Icelandic, Iceland
Italian, Italy
Japanese, Japan
Korean, Korea
Polish, Poland
Spanish, Spain
Spanish, Mexico
Spanish, US
Portuguese, Portugal
Portuguese, Brazil
Romanian, Romania
Russian, Russia
Swedish, Sweden

How Text to Speech Can Improve Your Business Processes

There are several reasons you should turn on text to speech for your SMS marketing campaign. Here are some of the most important benefits that you should consider:

  • Reach all your customers
    Regular text messages can only be sent to mobile devices. But when you turn text into speech, you can get your message across to landline numbers as well.

  • Expand your reach
    TextMagic allows you to turn text into speech for different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

  • Better comunication
    Some customers prefer listening to SMS messages. Text to voice phone calls can be used as an alternative to traditional texting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure how text to speech works? Below are several frequently asked questions from our customers.

With this feature, you can automatically turn text into speech. Setting up text to speech is extremely easy. Here’s the step-by-step guide to setting up the feature:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or register for a free trial. Navigate to the Services -> Text to Speech tab from the dashboard.

Step #2: From this menu, you can configure your text into voice preferences. SMS to speech only works for landline numbers.

Step #3: Choose the language in which you want your text messages to be read. You can choose from one of the available 19 languages. You can also select the preferred voice gender for your text to speech call.

Step #4: Click on Save changes and you’re done. If you want to edit your text to voice phone call settings, simply navigate to this tab again and make the necessary adjustments.

If the SMS text to speech feature is enabled, messages will be converted and delivered to the landline number as a voice message. If the feature is disabled, text messages will not be delivered to the landline number.

You can disable or enable the text to speech feature instantly from the TextMagic dashboard.

Voice messages are calculated as SMS messages. TextMagic will simply deduct the equivalent of the SMS message from your prepaid balance. Please check our price list.

Find out how to import relevant data to your contact list by reading our guide on Importing Contacts.

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