Carrier Lookup

To get more details about a number or to check if it is a valid number or not, you can use the Carrier Lookup command. To upload and check numbers in bulk – please use our Web app.

Check a single number

This API call allows you to retrieve additional information about a phone number: region-specific phone number formatting, carrier, phone type (landline/mobile) and country information.

To check a number, use:

GET /api/v2/lookups/{phone}?country={country}

with the following parameters:

phoneYes447860021130Phone number in E.164 format or in National format.
countryNoGBThis option must be specified only if the phone number in a National format.

Numbers can be checked one by one. You cannot check multiple numbers in one request.

You will receive a response in the following format:

validtrueThe field shows if entered phone number is valid or not.
number164+447860021130Phone number in E.164 format.
local07860 021130Phone number in National format.
countryStandard country objectPhone number country.
carrierTelefonica UKCarrier name.
typelandline, mobile, or voipPhone number type.
cost0.04Cost to check one number is constant – 0.04 in your account currency.