Simple SMS Pricing for Business

No hidden fees, no surprises. Pay only for outbound text messages. Inbound SMS is FREE.

Pay As You Go Plan

Destination countryPrice per text
Example cost for 100 text messages: £40.00

Enterprise Plan

From 10,000 messages / month
  • Custom pricing

  • Unlimited users

  • Premium support

  • Custom integrations

  • Custom workflows

  • All features included

Credit Is Added Instantly

SMS credit will be added to your account instantly after making a payment.

Credit Never Expires

No SMS credit you buy from us will ever expire. Credit remains active forever.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service you can request a refund for unused credit.

Auto-Recharge & Balance Alerts

Enable auto-recharge for credit purchases or get low-balance alerts via email.

Printable Payment Receipts

A printable PDF payment receipt will be emailed to you with every purchase.

Purchase Order Numbers

Insert a custom PO number on every invoice if needed by your business.

Secure & Flexible Payment Options

TextMagic accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. You can also pay via regular bank transfer by requesting an invoice on our payment page – SMS credit will be added after your bank transfer has cleared.

Credit card logos

Pricing for Dedicated Virtual Mobile Numbers

We do not charge anything extra for inbound texts. When people text you they only pay their normal messaging costs.

Australia £4.90 / month
Austria £4.00 / month
Belgium £2.40 / month
Canada £2.40 / month
Chile £2.40 / month
Costa Rica £2.40 / month
Croatia £4.90 / month
Czech Republic £4.00 / month
Denmark £4.90 / month
Estonia £3.20 / month
Finland £4.00 / month
Germany £5.70 / month
Hong Kong £5.70 / month
Hungary £4.00 / month
Indonesia £2.40 / month
Ireland £5.70 / month
Israel £5.70 / month
Latvia £3.20 / month
Lithuania £4.00 / month
Malaysia£2.40 / month
Mexico£9.70 / month
Netherlands£4.00 / month
Norway£3.20 / month
Poland£9.70 / month
Puerto Rico£2.40 / month
Romania£5.70 / month
Slovakia£5.70 / month
South Korea£2.40 / month
Spain£2.40 / month
Sweden£2.40 / month
Switzerland£5.70 / month
United Kingdom£2.40 / month
United States£2.40 / month

Getting Started with TextMagic Is Simple

You can get started in three easy steps. Create an account, buy SMS credit and start sending and receiving texts.

1. Create a Free Account
2. Load Prepaid Credit
3. Send & Receive SMS