Simple SMS pricing for business

Fully prepaid pay-as-you-go service without hidden fees.
Send outbound SMS. Inbound SMS is / text.
Send outbound SMS. Inbound SMS is / text.
Destination country Price per text
1,000 SMS
Messages with images and videos. Inbound MMS is / message.
Messages with images and videos. Inbound MMS is / message.
Destination country Price per MMS MMS
1,000 MMS
Dedicated virtual numbers for messaging and calls.
Dedicated virtual numbers for messaging and calls.
Country Price per month Numbers
1 number
Voice calls and call forwarding. Inbound calls are per minute.
Voice calls and call forwarding. Inbound calls are per minute.
Destination country Price per minute Minutes
10 minutes
Validate phone numbers or emails one by one, in bulk, or via API.
Validate phone numbers or emails one by one, in bulk, or via API.
Lookup type Price per lookup Lookups
1,000 lookups

Email marketing campaigns, shared inboxes and template builder.

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WhatsApp conversations and Click-to-WhatsApp widget.

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Facebook Messenger conversations.

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Total estimated cost:
$ 39.90
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No set-up or account fees. Only pay when you send messages or used paid services.
Add and spend credit whenever you choose. Stay in total control of your budget.
No credit you buy from us ever expires. Texting credit remains active forever.
No contracts or commitment. Cancel anytime when you need a pause.
See the total price before you send. Review all transactions using statements.
We will refund any unused credit on your support request. No questions asked.

Secure & flexible payment options

Textmagic accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. You can also pay via regular bank transfer by requesting an invoice on our payment page – SMS credit will be added after your bank transfer has cleared.

Pay as you go SMS pricing explained

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about Textmagic.

Getting started with Textmagic is simple

Get started in three easy steps. Create an account, load credit and start sending and receiving texts.
Sign up and follow the wizard to select the preferred sender of your texts based on the local network requirements.
Buy prepaid SMS credit and activate auto-recharge to ensure that the service runs with no interruptions.
Now, you're all set to start sending and receiving texts using our powerful business text messaging service.

Frequently asked questions

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How am I charged when using Textmagic services?

Textmagic offers a 100% prepaid service.

You can buy the following credit packages: 20; 50; 100; 200; 500; 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; 5,000 or 10,000.

Textmagic can deduct credit from your account balance for:

  • Sending and receiving text messages
  • Dedicated number subscription (if applicable)
  • Call forwarding (if applicable)
  • Carrier lookup tool (if applicable)

The text message price depends on the destination country, message length and encoding. Learn more about messages length.

How secure are payments on Textmagic website?

Textmagic does not store credit or debit card details on this website. All payment data is securely stored by a third-party PCI-compliant payment gateway.

How long does it take to load credit to my account balance?

Payment via credit/debit card or PayPal

SMS credit is loaded instantly if you pay via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Note: If our fraud protection tool recognises a high risk score, it might take 24 hours to get the order approved.

Bank transfer

If you make a bank transfer, we will add credit to your account balance once we receive the money.

Can I disable the Auto-recharge feature?

Yes, you can disable Auto-recharge anytime you wish.

We highly recommend you use Auto-recharge if:

  • You have a dedicated number subscription.
  • You use a call forwarding service.
  • Your service operations are very dependent on the SMS service.
How does two-way SMS work and how am I charged for texts?

You are only charged for the texts that you send or receive.

To receive texts from your customers you need to activate a local number or a toll free number. Find out more about how our virtual mobile numbers work here

Can I receive a refund for any unused SMS credit?

To receive a refund for the unused SMS credit please contact us.

Please include your name, company name, email address and why you are requesting a refund.

Why was my payment declined?

There are two reasons why a payment may be declined:

  • Textmagic admin cancelled your order because of the high risk.
  • Your bank did not authorise the payment.
Do you offer discounts?

We don’t enter into price negotiations involving competitors. Instead, we offer the best quality service at a fair price.

From time to time our loyal customers can buy SMS credit with a discount. Textmagic notifies customers about promotions via email.

Why have I been charged for some messages that were not delivered?

We charge you for every message sent regardless of the delivery status, because every message sent has a fixed cost for Textmagic.

Here are the most common reasons why messages fail to be delivered:

  • The recipient’s mobile phone was switched off or was out of the coverage area.
  • The mobile provider was experiencing difficulties.
Can I remove my credit card details anytime?

Yes, you can remove your card details on the Auto-recharge page.

Will I be charged VAT?

UK customers

All customers from the UK will be charged VAT 20%.

EU customers

In order to avoid paying VAT, you need to enter your company registered VAT number to your Account page. Once this is done you will no longer be charged VAT.

Customers outside EU

Customers outside EU will not be charged VAT.

Do you offer post-paid accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer post-paid accounts. Our service is 100% prepaid.