Mail merge SMS & templates

Mail merge SMS sending allows you to include personal and custom information in text messages created from templates.
mobile app
Personal touch
Personalise your text messages with names and other info.
Save time with templates
Include mail merge tags in your templates and save time.
Unlimited custom fields
Create as many custom contact fields as needed.

Create smart templates with mail merge tags

Send the same message to multiple groups of subscribers again and again with an easy-to-use text message template.
Include names in messages
Messages become more personal if you include the recipient’s name in your texts. Personal touch drives better engagement in all fields.
Custom appointment reminders
By importing custom data along with mobile numbers you can send accurate appointment reminders to every person, without doing manual work.
Import custom fields from Excel & CSV
Instead of creating mail merge fields manually, you can just import custom contact data and mobile numbers from Excel or a CSV file.
Templates for bulk messaging
Use a mail merge to send thousands of personalised text messages to your customers while only using one template – great marketing in just minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

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How to configure mail merge tags & SMS templates?

Mail merge tags can be used to send personalised messages to multiple recipients. The Textmagic SMS web app has five default tags (first name, last name, company name, mobile phone number and email address). Here’s how you can create and use mail merge tags for sending customised bulk SMS messages:

Step #1: Create your own mail merge templates using custom fields from the Contacts -> Custom Fields tab.
Mandatory step: When importing contacts to your Textmagic account, you must merge the fields from your file with your Textmagic custom fields and fill out any new custom fields.

Step #2: As soon as you finish adding relevant data to all your custom fields, you can begin crafting your bulk SMS. Test your mail merge name tags by sending a mass text. Click on New message, add recipients and write your message using SMS tags. Click Send.

Step #3: Go to the History tab to view all your sent messages. You will notice that the mail merge tags are replaced with relevant data, thus personalising your mass text.

How to configure SMS tags & templates in Textmagic messenger?

We have added mail merge and SMS templates to the Textmagic SMS messenger for customers who prefer using the desktop app. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to send a mail merge tag or template via bulk SMS:

How to set up custom fields: Navigate to Tools -> Preferences -> Custom Fields. The Textmagic SMS software allows you to create up to six fields. Give names to your custom fields and click on Save. You can now use the custom fields to import contact data and send personalised bulk SMS messages.

How to set up SMS templates: Log in to the desktop app and access the Templates menu. Click on Create new template, write your message, give it a name and save. You can edit, use or delete the template whenever you want. Keep in mind that you cannot insert mail merge tags directly into the SMS template.

Sending texts with mail merge tags & SMS templates: Click Compose to start writing your message. Add your recipients and write the message, or navigate to Message -> Insert Template to use a predefined text. Navigate to Message -> Insert Tag to add tags in the message. Click on Send.

Can I edit mail merge tags directly into my SMS template?

For the web platform: Yes. You can insert tags directly into your text message template.

For the desktop application: No. You can only add plain text to your message template.
The good news is that you can add mail merge name tags to your message after inserting the SMS template.

How can I edit or delete my custom fields?

For the web platform: Navigate to Contacts -> Custom fields and click on the grey wheel icon to edit or delete your tag.

For the desktop application: Navigate to Tools -> Preferences -> Custom Fields. To delete a tag, simply leave the field empty.

What is the best way to merge my Excel contact list with custom fields?

Find out how to import relevant data to your contact list by reading our guide on Importing Contacts.