Zapier SMS Integrations with TextMagic

Use Zapier SMS integrations to connect TextMagic with your favourite apps.
It is an easy – no code required – automation that helps your business.

Automate Business Text Messaging

Simplify your processes through automatic triggers, searches and actions.

Use Apps to Enhance TextMagic

Make TextMagic even better by integrating useful tools with a few clicks.

Manage Prospects More Efficiently

Use Zapier to integrate with your CRM and automatically capture data on sign-up.

Zapier SMS Integrations with TextMagic

Add Useful Apps to TextMagic with Zapier Integrations

Zapier SMS integrations help you to pass the information and build processes
between your apps and TextMagic without developer help.

  • Manage events and schedule appointments instantly
    Never lose track of a meeting again. TextMagic can integrate with Lucid Meeting, Calendly, and Google Calendar, making it easy to set up and manage events.

  • Engage prospects as soon as they subscribe
    Reach out to subscribers as soon as they join your SMS list. Simply integrate TextMagic with Salesforce, PipeDrive or SugarCRM.

  • Encourage customer feedback with useful integrations
    Integrate TextMagic with Typeform to send automatic offers, surveys or thank you messages when someone completes a web form.

  • Improve staff collaboration
    Use Zapier to integrate with Trello, ZenDesk and Slack to make staff collaboration easier and quicker and streamline your internal operations.

More Ways TextMagic and Zapier Can Improve Your Business:

Still Not Sure about TextMagic Integration with Zapier?

Not ready to integrate your favourite apps with TextMagic? Here are even more reasons to sign up for your free trial:

Manage Your Time Better

Easily automate tasks that take your valuable time, so you can focus on the most imporant work that you’re good at.

Collect and Organize Data

Automatically log incoming texts and calls into Google Sheets, unsubscribe customers, and much more.

Protect Against Human Error

Create SMS Zaps to stop manual entry of your client data − and the human errors that go with it.

Improve Customer Care

Integrate auto-responders with various apps to provide instant support and thank you messages to your customers.

Save Money and Boost Profits

Automated admin reduces your costs and allows you to focus on more profitable tasks.

Keep Constantly Up to Date

Stay on top of things at all times through apps that send you real-time SMS notifications.

FAQs about TextMagic and Zapier SMS Integrations

Zapier SMS integrations are super-easy to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your first zap:

  • Go to our Zapier page and click on “Make a zap”.
  • Choose TextMagic as your trigger app from the list.
  • Give Zapier access to your TextMagic account by clicking “Connect a new account”. A pop-up will appear asking you to provide your username and API key. The API key is available in the API section of TextMagic. If no API key is available, you will have to click “Add new API key”. Copy and paste the API key into Zapier.
  • After you’ve connected the accounts click on “Test”. If the accounts are connected you will receive a “success” message. Save and continue.
  • From the list, choose the app you want to integrate. Set up your integration rules and click “Continue”. You will have to provide the API keys for each new app you connect through Zapier.
  • Test your new integration by clicking “Create + Continue”.

No. Zapier is an event-based automation tool. For something to happen, you need a new trigger in your zaps. Data that has been created before your Zapier integration will not be acted upon.

Will app updates affect Zapier’s performance?

Most supported apps update without any issues. If issues do arise, the tool will automatically turn off your zap and you will be notified of errors in your Zapier SMS integrations.

Yes. From the “Connected accounts” section of your Zapier account you can test, remove, or reconnect your accounts. However, removing or deactivating accounts will disable related zaps. You can also view all completed tasks in the “Task history” section of your account.

Of course! Just leave a message in the chat box below, or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. But please read our blog post on Zapier integrations and our help section before sending a message as these solve most queries.

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