SMS Gateway API for Any Application

Choose our easy-to-use SMS API to seamlessly integrate text messaging with your existing business systems and applications.

Ready-to-Use API Scripts

Use our SMS API scripts for Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl.

Text Directly from Your App

Send one, two or thousands of SMS messages directly from your app.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Create an account and integrate our API in less than one business day.

SMS Gateway API is used for integrating text messaging into your own app

Powerful SMS API Features

Take your website and apps to the next level with integrated SMS messaging.

  • Send Texts
    Send a single text message or thousands, any application can do it with API.

  • Callback URLs
    We can POST text message replies and delivery notifications directly to your application.

  • Unicode SMS
    Send messages using Greek, Arabic or Asian character sets or include special characters.

  • Schedule SMS in Advance
    You can easily schedule SMS messages to be sent later or to reoccur after a certain time period.

  • Receive Replies
    Retrieve inbound SMS as a separate API command or allow replies to be posted to your application.

  • Check Account
    Access your account to verify your balance and make sure you have enough credit for the next campaign.

  • Long Text Messages
    Send up to 918 characters in a single message – very useful when you need to include more details.

  • Check Delivery Status
    Check the delivery status for every message you send and ensure the delivery of your texts.