SMS Gateway API for Any Application

Choose our easy-to-use SMS API to seamlessly integrate text messaging with your existing business systems and applications.

Ready-to-use API scripts

Use our SMS API scripts for Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl.

Text directly from your app

Send one, two or thousands of SMS messages directly from your app.

It’s easy to get started

Create an account and integrate our API in less than one business day.


Powerful SMS API Features

Take your website and apps to the next level with integrated SMS messaging.

Send texts

Send a single text message or thousands, any application can do it with API.

Receive replies

Retrieve inbound SMS as a separate API command or allow replies to be posted to your application.

Callback URLs

We can POST text message replies and delivery notifications directly to your application.

Check account

Access your account to verify your balance and make sure you have enough credit for the next campaign.

Unicode SMS

Send messages using Greek, Arabic or Asian character sets or include special characters.

Long text messages

Send up to 918 characters in a single message - very useful when you need to include more details.

Schedule SMS in advance

You can easily schedule SMS messages to be sent later or to reoccur after a certain time period.

Check delivery status

Check the delivery status for every message you send and ensure the delivery of your texts.

100,000+ Happy Users Since 2001

Here is how our customers have improved their businesses with our text messaging service.

SEAN Whelan

Managing Director

“I would recommend TextMagic solution to businesses who supply services like plumbers, electrician, pest control, couriers parts delivery. Anyone who supplies a service needs this solution to improve productivity.”

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Peter Harris

Managing Director

“QiQ has used TextMagic for over a year now and we love this service. It is flexible in how we send and receive messages and it is cost-effective."

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Robert Ritchie

VP of Ops & Technology

“TextMagic provided a reliable, professional and powerful way to send SMS for our urgent medical services organization."

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James Raby


“After looking into a variety of texting services we chose TextMagic because of the variety of features it offers along with the price.”

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Matthias Tomczak


“We found that TextMagic´s text messaging service is a valuable tool to increase our donation income.”

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Simon Dalrymple

Office Controller

“TextMagic allowed us to send and receive information to drivers and engineers all from one set point. It's much easier than different members of the office staff sending instructions on their mobiles and then when they leave the office we do not have a data trail.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a TextMagic free trial?

You will have full access to all features during your TextMagic free trial. No credit card details are required.

We provide you with 0.4 credit (and a dedicated number only in the USA and Canada for one month FREE). You can test the service for a maximum 30 days.

You can test sending SMS globally, as long as you have credit left.

How to use the TextMagic SMS API?

You can use the TextMagic SMS API to query information about inbound and outbound messages, send and receive SMS messages, manage contact lists, schedule recurrent texts, process bulk SMS messages and create templates.

Here’s how you can get started with the TextMagic SMS Gateway API:

Step #1: Obtain your SMS API credentials. The login credentials (X-TM-Username) are different from the API credentials (X-TM-Key).

Note: TextMagic has two SMS APIs (V1 and V2). If you already have a V1 key, it will not be compatible with the TextMagic REST API, so you will have to create a new key for the V2 endpoint.

Step #2: Connect to the API endpoint (

Step #3: Try out the TextMagic Sandbox before you start writing your code.

What is an SMS API?

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming rules, standards and instructions for accessing a web-based application. SMS APIs are generally released to the public to enable developers to power their services with the API.

The end user only sees one interface, but behind the scenes, many APIs are working together and integrating with SMS solutions to provide a seamless experience.

In how many ways can the TextMagic SMS API be used?

The TextMagic SMS API provides a means of communication between your service and the SMS gateway, thus allowing you to send and receive text messages, check reports and delivery states directly from your application’s interface. Our SMS API can be used in two ways:

  • The REST API provides access to all our messaging gateway features.
  • The Email to SMS API can be used for two-way SMS communication. It does not require additional coding.
Does TextMagic provide public SMS API documentation?

Of course! Our team has prepared a comprehensive SMS API documentation that will help you build your own messaging app through our infrastructure. Our documentation includes information on sending, receiving and scheduling text messages, email to SMS capabilities, distribution lists, custom fields, accounts and sub-accounts, statistics, encoding and more.

Read full SMS Gateway API documentation.

Where can I find the TextMagic SMS API Code Libraries?

Our developing team has also created a set of client libraries for the most common programming languages. They will allow you to integrate our SMS API into your source code in a matter of minutes.

SMS API Code Libraries: here (includes Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Go, Delphi, Ruby, .NET, Perl, C++, Shell and C#)

How can I obtain TextMagic SMS API credentials?

Before you get started with the TextMagic REST API, you have to generate your API credentials and connect to the API endpoint. This can be done by creating an API key. Log in to your TextMagic account and navigate to the API settings. Click on the ‘Add new API key’ button and write down the API label to generate your API credentials. The API key should now appear as a green notification banner above the table.

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