SMS STOP command

Subscribers can text STOP to unsubscribe from your lists at any time. The SMS STOP command will save money and perhaps your company’s reputation.
mobile app
Multiple opt-out words
Optional email alerts
Get email alerts when people unsubscribe from your lists
Manually clean your lists
If someone asks to be removed from your lists – do it manually

Be compliant with anti-SPAM guidelines

Our online SMS chat lets you manage inbound text messages at the click of a mouse.
Only target real prospects
There is no point repeatedly sending messages to people who will never buy. The SMS STOP function allows you to target your real prospects effectively.
Comply with anti-spam guidelines
Unwanted messages can damage your company’s reputation; opt-out management protects your brand from accusations of spam or unethical practices.
Be polite to your recipients
By giving your customers an opportunity to unsubscribe from your messages, you show your company in a better light.
Offer extra value with your text message
When your message is not needed, it will never give extra value to the recipient. Do not waste resources; let people unsubscribe.

How SMS opt-out features improve your business

Losing SMS subscribers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few benefits of SMS opt-out features for your business:
Comply with all legal & regulatory requirements
Customers are not required to opt in to your SMS feed as a condition of purchasing products or services. It is a privilege that is given to you and can be revoked at any time. For more information about texting restrictions, please read the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
Avoid penalties for sending unsolicited texts
Did you know that the penalty for spam is $500 to $1,500 per unsolicited message? Companies like Papa John’s, Coca-Cola and Steve Madden have faced expensive class-action lawsuits because they sent unsolicited text messages to customers. The SMS Stop command will help you avoid such a situation.
Keep your subscriber list clean
Subscribers who won’t subscribe to SMS are usually not interested in your product, either. There is no point in spamming them with SMS messages if they are not interested in making a purchase. The SMS Stop command is one of the best ways to clear your subscriber list.
Save time & money
Sending text messages to indifferent subscribers will decrease ROI. All you’re doing is blasting hundreds of text messages to people who aren’t going to make a purchase. Using the SMS unsubscribe feature, you can quickly distinguish viable leads from unresponsive ones.

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Frequently asked questions

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How to use Textmagic’s SMS opt-out feature?

To understand why the stop SMS command is important, you must first understand how SMS marketing campaigns work.

Text message marketing campaigns are permission based. This means that you are given the privilege, not the right, to deliver relevant, personal messages to people who want to get them. For this to happen, subscribers must opt in to your SMS marketing list by replying to one of your messages and texting a keyword to your company’s number. An exception to the SMS opt-in rule is that you may contact clients with information about a previously agreed-upon transaction (e.g., appointment reminders, booking information, follow-up, etc.).

Once you have obtained permission to contact an individual, you can add him/her to your subscriber list and continue sending texts. At some point, your subscribers may want to opt out of your SMS messaging service.
Textmagic makes it easy for you to automatically handle SMS opt-out.

SMS Unsubscribe Process:

Step #1: Always let your followers know that entering a contest or texting your company will result in their being added to your marketing database. Also tell them that opting in to your SMS texting service means that they will receive no more than two messages per month.

Step #2: Let your subscribers know that they can opt out of your SMS database at any time by using one of the unsubscribe keywords (e.g., ‘Reply STOP to stop SMS’). It’s extremely important for subscribers to be able to remove themselves from your lists quickly.

Step #3: Once a subscriber texts any of the opt-out SMS keywords, he will be automatically removed from the database and placed on the Unsubscribers list. However, some clients will request to be manually removed from your database. You can do this from your Textmagic SMS messaging service by editing your contact and distribution lists.

How can I build a fool-proof opt-out SMS system?

First, all SMS marketing campaigns must respond to the universal SMS unsubscribe keywords and send an opt-out confirmation message. Even if subscribers don’t opt out through the use of these keywords, you must frequently scan inbound message logs to identify SMS opt-out attempts and resolve them manually. Furthermore, opt-out information should be displayed in bold font in every text message.

How can I opt in SMS subscribers legally?

There are several strategies that you can use to opt in SMS subscribers legally: single-message programs (informational alert, delivery notifications, purchase receipts, etc.), recurring message programs, free-to-end user programs, physical ads and posters with CTAs and opt-in SMS forms on your site.

What keywords can I use for SMS unsubscribe?

Your subscribers can use any of the following keywords to unsubscribe from your text messages: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, END, QUIT or CANCEL.

How long should I keep message records?

All SMS opt-in and opt-out requests must be kept from the time a user opts in to your SMS subscriber list until a minimum of six months after he has used the SMS Stop command for legal purposes.

What shall I do if a person opted out by mistake?

Please contact Textmagic support and request that the mobile phone number be removed from the Unsubscribers list.