Incoming Text Message Automation

Create automatic rules for processing incoming text messages – including auto-replies and adding subscribers to lists.

Reply instantly to senders

Send automatic responses to anyone who contacts you.

Automate list management

Automatically add senders to lists, based on their messages.

Access accurate logs

Monitor and review all rules and their associated actions.


Automate Your Responses and Contact Management

Automation saves time while ensuring that your customers instantly get the right response and your lists are accurately updated based on the keywords in your received messages.


Set up keywords and define automation rules in TextMagic's easy-to-use web app.


Customer sends a text message to your personal TextMagic virtual number.


Customer gets an immediate automatic response and is added to the right list.

Text or voice replies, auto sent

Text message or voice call – the choice is yours. Choose how you want your response to be delivered.

Reorganise and edit lists on the go

Organise your contacts into lists automatically based on the keywords they send you.

Keywords for free

Send targeted responses with a personal touch by selecting any keyword you like at no extra charge.

Opt-out management

Any contact who unsubscribes gets removed from your lists with our built-in automation rule.

100,000+ Happy Users Since 2001

Here is how our customers have improved their businesses with our text messaging service.

SEAN Whelan

Managing Director

“I would recommend TextMagic solution to businesses who supply services like plumbers, electrician, pest control, couriers parts delivery. Anyone who supplies a service needs this solution to improve productivity.”

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Peter Harris

Managing Director

“QiQ has used TextMagic for over a year now and we love this service. It is flexible in how we send and receive messages and it is cost-effective."

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Robert Ritchie

VP of Ops & Technology

“TextMagic provided a reliable, professional and powerful way to send SMS for our urgent medical services organization."

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James Raby


“After looking into a variety of texting services we chose TextMagic because of the variety of features it offers along with the price.”

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Matthias Tomczak


“We found that TextMagic´s text messaging service is a valuable tool to increase our donation income.”

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Simon Dalrymple

Office Controller

“TextMagic allowed us to send and receive information to drivers and engineers all from one set point. It's much easier than different members of the office staff sending instructions on their mobiles and then when they leave the office we do not have a data trail.”

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Local Dedicated Numbers Available in 33 Countries

If recipients send you text messages, they only pay normal texting costs – at no additional cost to you.



















Puerto Rico








South Korea










Hong Kong






United Kingdom




United States


How SMS Automation Can Improve Your Business Processes

Let's take a closer look at the main advantages of text message automation:

Increase company availability

Message automation rules will enable you to reply to most text messages instantly, thus becoming accessible to customers 24/7. This is a huge plus, especially for start-ups that are exploring mass text messaging.

Reduce time and resource load

Message automation reduces the need for human intervention, thus giving you more time to control, monitor and record your SMS marketing efforts.

Reduce the number of errors

Human intervention is usually synonymous with errors. Message automation eliminates most human errors and improves the reliability and predictability of your text marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a TextMagic free trial?

You will have full access to all features during your TextMagic free trial. No credit card details are required.

We provide you with 0.4 credit (and a dedicated number only in the USA and Canada for one month FREE). You can test the service for a maximum 30 days.

You can test sending SMS globally, as long as you have credit left.

How to set up automation rules with TextMagic?

Automated SMS rules are easy to set-up, and they will save you considerable time. Here’s our step-by-step process for creating message automation rules:

Step #1 – Access the Automated SMS Tab Go to the Services -> Automation Rules tab. To use incoming SMS automation rules, you must have at least one TextMagic virtual SMS number. It is needed to ensure reliable two-way SMS.

Step #2 – Set up Your Keywords Keywords are special words that you receive from your customers via text messages and can be used to trigger SMS automation rules. Before you set up your message automation rules, you have to create your keywords. You can use common phrases such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘opt-in’ (for subscriptions), ‘stop’, ‘end’ or ‘stopall’ (for opting out), ‘discount’, ‘offers’ or ‘coupons’ (for special deals), ‘help’, ‘more info’, ‘features’ and many more keywords to create automation tools for your business needs.

Step #3 – Creating Message Automation Rules Now that your keywords are ready, you can start working on your message automation rules.

  • Go back to the Rules tab and click on Create New Rule.
  • Select the account for which the rules will be saved, name your rule and select the number(s) that will be affected by your rule.
  • Choose one of the keywords that you have already configured to act as triggers for your rule.
  • You can select which countries your rule will target. An empty space means that the rule will work with all countries. Click on Continue.
  • Now you have to choose the type of auto-response type: text message, text-to-speech, audio broadcast or no automatic reply. Select ‘text message’ for now, and create your SMS.
  • You can use SMS templates and SMS tags for extra customisation. You can also attach files in your automated SMS.
  • Message automation rules can be set to send only once per unique sender by ticking the ‘trigger rule only once to new and unique numbers’ box.
  • Contact management actions. You can also create automatic actions for adding or removing contacts from your list when an automated SMS is triggered.
  • View the details of your new automated SMS before saving. You can go back a few steps to make adjustments, if needed.

Voila! Your first automated SMS is ready.

How do I delete an automation rule?

If you no longer require one of your message automation rules for SMS marketing, you can delete it from the Services -> Automation Rules -> Rules tab by clicking on the grey wheel icon and selecting Delete rule. Please keep in mind that deleted SMS automation rules can no longer be recovered.

Can I edit an automation rule after saving it?

Instead of deleting an automated SMS, you can edit and update it by clicking on the Edit rule button. You can edit everything from rule filters to the type of auto-response that will be given.

How can I pause my rule without deleting it?

You shouldn’t let automation rules run when they are not needed. Let’s say you’re offering coupons in the last week of every month. There is no need for the message automation rule to run throughout the month. You can pause automated SMS messages by simply clicking on the grey wheel icon and clicking on Pause rule. To activate the rule, simply click on Resume rule.

How can I make message automation easier?

The best way to make message automation easier is to create SMS templates beforehand. You can do this from the Templates tab. Click on New template to create and customise your message. The next time you create an automated SMS message, you can directly import the text message template.

Where can I view the automated texts sent by the TextMagic SMS gateway?

You can view all the automated SMS sent from the Services -> Automation Rules -> Logs tab. These logs also display the rule that triggered the action, status and run time of the rule. Click on the grey wheel icon to view more details about the text message.

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