Secure Text Messaging

Secure text messaging services for businesses around the world. All your text messages and data are safely stored and managed by professionals.

Secure Data Transfer

All our sites and web services are secured with SSL / HTTPS.

We Value Your Privacy

We will NEVER share or sell your data, texts or numbers.

Delete Your Data

If you wish you can delete all your data in a few clicks.

Security settings overview page showing how to use secure text messaging service.

Use a Secure Service for Your SMS Communications

You don’t have to worry about your data safety anymore once you’ve signed up to TextMagic.

  • Your Data is Backed Up 24 / 7 / 365
    In the unlikely event of a problem with one of our secure servers none of your data will be lost and your business will not be affected.

  • Daily Server & Website Scans
    The McAfee Secure service scans our website every day and looks for any exploitable weaknesses, allowing us to keep our security as tight as possible.

  • Secure Physical Location of Servers
    Our servers are located in a secure data centre in Europe, in restricted areas with absolutely no physical access available to third parties.

  • Secure Billing & Payments
    TextMagic does not store credit or debit card details on this website. All payment data is securely stored by a third-party PCI-compliant payment gateway.

How TextMagic Safeguards Your Online Security

Security is a top priority for TextMagic. We have taken steps to safeguard the security of text messages sent through our SMS gateway, as well as online payments and actions that you conduct through our web platform.

  • Personal information usage
    Any personal information provided when using TextMagic services will be used in accordance with our Data Protection & Privacy Policy. We will never disclose personal information to third parties.

  • Secure physical location & protection of servers
    The TextMagic servers are located in a secure, restricted area of Central Europe. The physical address is not available to third parties.

  • Data backup & website scans
    We take the security of your account very seriously. We perform deep scans and back-ups for the site every day to eliminate any weaknesses. This decreases the chances of being targeted by hackers.

  • Account data
    Data is available only to the user (or anyone who has access to the username and password). Text message data, phone numbers, credit card information and other personal data is stored securely with the help of SSL and HTTPS encryption.

  • Secure text messaging.
    Text messages are encrypted by network providers while in the air. Furthermore, mobile operators put very strict controls in place to prevent the misuse of SMS technology. This means that they can only be read by the sender and recipient. It’s highly unlikely for your texts to be intercepted or read while being delivered. Nevertheless, we advise you not to send sensitive information that would, in isolation, compromise your security and accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are text messages secure?

Yes and no.

In theory, SMS is not secure for several reasons. First, SMS transmission protocols (SMPP, SS7) are not encrypted. Second, as long as the information remains on the handset itself, it can be compromised by individuals who have the unique identifying factor: the mobile number. Finally, SMS is vulnerable to attacks through the radio interface (used to deliver texts). A highly specialised hacker could inject fake radio signals, but the knowledge and effort required for such a thing is significant.

While secure SMS messaging is not absolute, the peculiarities of this technology and its networks make it extremely difficult for hackers and data thieves to target. Even without encryption, there are many reasons that secure text messaging can be deployed as a tool for sending sensitive information:

  • Overwhelming statistics demonstrate that a majority of phones remain in the possession of one individual while active.
  • Many online services now use multi-factor authorisation processes. The confidential information (e.g., confirmation codes) sent via text represents only one factor of the authentication process, which is not enough to compromise the security of an account.
  • P2P and A2P messaging has reached colossal volumes. Eight trillion text messages are sent every year. This means that interception without targeting a specific phone number is impossible.

Are text messages safer than email?

As previously mentioned, text messages are encrypted while in the air, and only a high-level system administrator can gain access to them. In contrast, emails move through thousands of internet servers that are controlled by the government and private-sector organisations.

Should I encrypt my text messages?

We believe that SMS encryption is not necessary for SMS marketing campaigns. The whole point of text messages created for advertising purposes is to be read by as many people as possible, so encryption does not make sense.

Encryption should only be used for transmitting classified information about upcoming products, private employee communication, exchanging files or information with financial data, etc.

What is TextMagic’s data protection registration number?

TextMagic’s data protection registration number is ZA086820. Please check details on the ICO page.

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