Send text messages from a toll-free number

Deliver SMS marketing campaigns, alerts, and reminders and have two-way conversations with your customers in the U.S. and Canada using a verified toll-free number.
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Send SMS using a verified toll-free number

Simplify customer interactions and build trust in the U.S. and Canada with a single, verified, toll-free number while being compliant with the industry trend of moving to 100% registered SMS traffic.
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Texting from a verified, toll-free number creates a strong business identity and ensures reliable SMS delivery to one or thousands of recipients in the U.S. and Canada.

Register your brand and SMS campaign use case to prevent your SMS traffic from being flagged or blocked by the network operators.

You should choose a toll-free number for texting if:

  • You wish to send and receive text messages using an 8XX number.
  • Your business does NOT have a tax ID (EIN), or you are a sole proprietor.
  • Your use case matches one of the 43 categories of toll-free campaigns.
  • You plan to send A2P SMS traffic, such as marketing campaigns, alerts, or reminders.
  • You plan to send messages to the USA and Canada using the same number.
  • You want to ensure delivery by whitelisting SMS traffic with the U.S. and Canadian messaging aggregators.

How to get started with toll-free texting

Before sending business SMS traffic to North America, you must complete the toll-free verification form in four simple steps.
Create an account & buy credit
Textmagic takes only a few clicks to get started using your business email address.
Get a toll-free number
After creating a Textmagic account, you will need a toll-free number which costs $10 per month.
Register your brand
Submit your company information to verify the relationship between your brand and your organization.
Register your campaign
Choose the campaign type that best describes your use case from the 43 available options and provide sample texts.
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We collect this information from you and send it to the U.S. and Canadian messaging aggregator for approval. This minimal effort by you will ensure your SMS messages are compliant and enhance deliverability.
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What information is required for a toll-free verification?

When filling out the toll-free verification form, you must provide the following information:

  • Your organization’s legal name, address, and contact details
  • Your organization type
  • Your website address
  • A description of each SMS campaign
  • Sample text messages for each campaign
  • Description of the opt-in, opt-out, and help flows

Prohibited toll-free texting use cases

The number one rule is to send texts only to people who have explicitly opted in to receive texts from your company. Furthermore, the table below outlines the forbidden use cases for toll-free texting.
High-risk financial services
Get-rich-quick schemes
Debt forgiveness
Illegal substances or activities
High-risk financial services
Payday loans
Short-term, high interest rate loans
Auto loans
Mortgage loans
Student loans
Stock alerts
Get-rich-quick schemes
Debt consolidation
Debt reduction
Credit repair programs
Deceptive work-from-home programs
Multi-level marketing
Debt forgiveness
Work-from-home programs
Risky investment opportunities
Debt collection or consolidation
Illegal substances or activities
Tobacco or vape
Phishing frauds or scams
Deceptive marketing
Profanity or hate speech

Toll-free texting FAQ

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Why do I need to complete a toll-free number verification?

Toll-free verification is a new, industry-wide requirement when sending texts to the U.S. or Canada. Upon successful completion, your traffic will be tagged as verified by the toll-free messaging aggregator. The industry is moving to 100% registered messaging traffic to fight spam and fraud.

Toll-free verification is mandatory. It cannot be skipped. Getting your toll-free number verified will smooth the delivery of your messages.

How long does it take to get started with toll-free texting?

Once you have submitted your application for toll-free verification using the Textmagic self-service web app, the Textmagic team will review the completed form and forward it to the messaging aggregator within one business day.

The approval process can take up to 5 weeks. Textmagic cannot expedite the process because the approval is handled by an external toll-free messaging aggregator.

Will I be notified of the status of my application for toll-free verification?

Our team will send you an email as soon as there is news about the status of your application. In the meantime, please check the toll-free verification overview page for status updates.

What are the costs for toll-free verification?

The verification process itself is free. A toll-free number costs $10 per month. To learn more about costs, please visit our Pricing page.

What types of toll-free SMS campaigns can I register with Textmagic?

The number one rule is that you send texts only to people who have explicitly opted in to receive texts from your company.

Currently, Textmagic supports the following 43 use cases for toll-free texting.

What is the difference between 10DLC and toll-free numbers?

Here are the key differences between a 10DLC and a toll-free number:

10DLC numbers

10-digit local U.S. numbers are approved by the mobile network operators for sending texts.

  • Relates only to the U.S.
  • Tax ID or EIN required
  • Brand registration + vetting: $50 (one-time fee)
  • Campaign registration: $35 per quarter
  • Number cost: $10 per month
  • Traffic whitelisted with the mobile operators
  • Approval period up to 5 weeks
  • 2-way SMS, MMS and voice supported
  • Minimum initial credit required: $100
Toll-free numbers

8XX prefix numbers for the U.S. and Canada are verified by the messaging aggregator for sending texts.

  • Relates to the U.S. and Canada
  • Tax ID or EIN not required
  • Brand registration: Free
  • Campaign registration: Free
  • Number cost: $10 per month
  • Traffic verified with the messaging aggregator
  • Approval period up to 5 weeks
  • 2-way SMS, MMS and voice supported/li>
  • Minimum initial credit required: $0
What happens if I don't complete toll-free verification?

The industry is moving to 100% registered messaging traffic to fight spam and fraud. Registration is mandatory. It cannot be skipped. Non-compliance will lead to blocked traffic, significant fines, and a loss of service.

U.S. carriers, the messaging aggregator, and Textmagic can suspend or block any SMS campaigns that do not comply with regulations. No refunds are issued if a brand or campaign is blocked.

Can I transfer my existing toll-free verification to Textmagic?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Textmagic does not support the porting of existing toll-free verification forms from other suppliers.