Schedule text messages in advance

Plan your texting campaign in advance with scheduled texts. We make sure your customers receive them at the right time.
Write texts in advance
Use our intuitive system to schedule and send texts at a time that is most convenient for your customers.
Schedule repeat messages
Set your texts to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Edit or cancel anytime
Cancel or edit your scheduled texts and campaigns anytime, from any device.

Never forget to send an important reminder

Trust our smart scheduling system and get your text messages delivered at the right time.
Important event reminders
Schedule important event reminders instantly to keep your colleagues and clients up-to-date with important events
Marketing campaigns
Pre-plan SMS marketing campaigns with ease. Our texting service will automatically send your messages at the right time.
Critical deadline notifications
Schedule recurring urgent alerts so that your staff members never miss a deadline again.

How scheduled text messages can improve your business

Scheduled texts streamline business processes and reduce the number of no-shows. Here are the main benefits of scheduling text messages:
Cut down on missed appointments
Stop wasting time and money waiting for clients to show up. Schedule text message reminders for upcoming appointments to reduce no-show rates and make sure clients arrive on time.
Improve customer engagement
Schedule messages to send before or after purchases to increase reviews or remind clients of upcoming payments. Use Textmagic to quickly configure automatic scheduling rules that are triggered on customer actions.
One less thing to worry about
Is your business getting the best of you? Scheduled text reminders will take the weight off your shoulders by helping you better organize your schedule. Compose your text messages, decide when your customers should receive them, and enjoy the time you saved in the process.
Reach out to customers at the right time
SMS marketing is all about timing. Using Textmagic’s Reporting & Analytics tool, you can identify the most convenient times to contact your customers. Automatically send texts at the right time and see a major increase in your opening rates.

Learn how businesses like yours use Textmagic

Here is how the Textmagic business texting platform is helping businesses daily to grow their revenue and improve their productivity.

Frequently asked questions

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How to schedule a text to send later with Textmagic?

First you need to log into your Textmagic account or register for a new one. Start composing your message as usual, and instead of hitting send, click on the Schedule Message button.

Here you have multiple options such as sending a text message later, or you can set it up to send recurrently on specific dates and at specific times. Our scheduled text message system offers several customization features that fit your unique goals.

Worried you might have missed something? You can review your scheduled messages in the calendar. After you save your scheduled message, a green message displayed at top of the screen will assure everything is good to go.

For further information, we recommend checking out our dedicated support page for sending scheduled text messages from your computer.

Can I edit a scheduled SMS message?

Yes. Scheduled SMS messages can be edited on the Scheduled Messages page.

Can I cancel a scheduled SMS?

Yes. From the Scheduled tab of the Textmagic dashboard, you can view all your scheduled texts. Click on the grey wheel icon then on the Delete scheduled SMS option.

Can I use the Textmagic API to schedule text messages?

Of course. You can schedule texts for repeat sending using iCal RRULE, or you can schedule them to be sent once using the UNIX timestamp format.
For more details on how to schedule a text message through the Textmagic SMS API, please read the dedicated chapter of our documentation.

Can I set a time to send a text or configure repeat options for scheduled texts?

Here are the repeat options for scheduled text messages:

  • Yearly (e.g., on the 1st of March every year or on the first Monday of January every year)
  • Monthly (e.g., on the 15th day of every month for 10 months)
  • Weekly (e.g., every Wednesday for three months)
  • Daily (e.g., every two days until March 30)
  • Hourly (e.g., every three hours for 10 days)

For each of the above options, you can set the scheduled SMS to continue indefinitely, to end after a certain number of sends, or to end on a specific date. This gives you a lot of control over your SMS campaign.

Where can I view the details of scheduled and completed texts?

From the Textmagic dashboard, on the Scheduled tab, you can view your upcoming scheduled texts as well as complete ones.
Click on the grey wheel icon and then on View details to pull out more information about your SMS.