Subscribe forms for websites

Each visitor of your website is a potential mobile marketing subscriber. Start capturing their mobile numbers with our subscribe forms.
Collect mobile numbers
Add our subscribe form to your website and grow your lists.
Custom colors and design
Modify subscribe forms to match the design of your website.
Target the right audience
Allow website visitors from target countries to opt in to your lists.

Grow your lists with subscribe forms

Each visitor to your website is a potential new customer. Start capturing their details today.
List of new prospects
Build a list of prospects, send monthly promotions and inform them of exciting news, such as a new service or special offer.
Nightclub party-goers list
Clubs and venues can add a subscribe form to their website and start collecting mobile numbers. They can then send out invitations for events.
Monthly newsletter list
Businesses can send SMS alerts to website blog subscribers when they publish valuable new blog content on their website.
List of eCommerce shoppers
eCommerce websites can collect numbers and send text alerts when they have fabulous new products or great discounts to offer.

Benefits of capturing SMS subscribers with website forms

We have created a simple subscribe form that can help you capture mobile numbers online. Here are
the main benefits of using subscribe forms on your site:
Encourage opt-ins
A small SMS subscribe form added to your site will encourage visitors to opt in to your SMS subscriber list, thus offering you a more direct communication channel.
Gain a competitive edge
Very few companies have added SMS subscribe forms to their site. Most of them continue to use email subscribe forms, which are far less effective than text messaging.
Expand customer database
Online SMS subscriber forms will give you the opportunity to attract customers that you probably wouldn’t have been able to capture through traditional advertising.

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Frequently asked questions

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How to set-up subscribe forms on your website?

Are you ready to start capturing relevant leads with our SMS subscribe forms? Here’s the step-by-step guide to configuring your own website form.

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or register for a free full-featured trial. Access the Services -> Forms page.

Step #2: Click on New Form and start adding details to your subscribe form. Textmagic allows you to fully customise your form. You can edit the form title, description, subscriber name input label and phone input label, button text (CTA), success message, theme colour, dimensions and font. You can also choose the list you wish to assign your newly captured contacts to for better management.

Step #3: Refresh the preview periodically and make necessary adjustments. When you are satisfied with your form, click on Continue.

Step #4: Textmagic will generate a code that you can embed on your website. Now you are ready to start capturing contacts for your SMS database.

Where can I check the number of subscribers that opted in to my list using the SMS subscribe form?

When someone opts in, your desired contact list is automatically updated. Please check your lists in the web app. The total number of subscribers is visible on the Forms page.

How can I edit an SMS subscribe form?

From the Services -> Forms page, click on the grey wheel icon and select Edit form.
You will be redirected to an editing window where you can apply desired chances. Don’t forget to save your new form and replace the old embedded code with the new one.

How can I delete an SMS subscribe form?

From the Services -> Forms page, click on the grey wheel icon and select Delete form. Please keep in mind that deleting the form means that new contacts will no longer be able to subscribe to your SMS alerts.
You will also lose track of the number of successful opt-ins through the SMS subscribe form.