Proven texting strategies for
your business

Discover a wide range of ways to use SMS to transform how your business connects, collaborates, and communicates.
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Service & support

Provide real-time support with two-way messaging

Communication is a two-way street. Textmagic empowers you to engage in real-time conversations with your customers and personalize the support you offer them.

Use automated text messages to reply instantly to common issues, send SMS surveys to boost customer satisfaction, and much more – all from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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Alerts & reminders

Simplify your alerts and reminders with text message automation

With automated delivery alerts and notifications, it’s easy to keep customers in the loop about their order status.

Connect Textmagic to your calendar, too, to send automated meeting reminders to your clients, your team – and even yourself – reducing no-shows and saving time.

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Marketing & promotions

Increase engagement and drive sales with targeted SMS marketing

Connect instantly with your audience, increase engagement rates, and share exclusive deals with your mobile subscribers.

Tailor your text campaigns to different groups and use merge fields to personalize each message in seconds. You can also get real-time reports so you can measure how successful your SMS campaigns are – and adjust as you go.

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Improve sales performance and close more deals with SMS outreach

Engage prospective customers on their phones, providing the personalized information they need. Use text messaging to turn intrusive sales calls into meaningful conversations. Your customers will find buying from you much more enjoyable.

Plus, you have the context of all previous interactions at your fingertips, helping you close deals faster.

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HR & Recruiting

Streamline your HR and recruitment process with SMS messaging

Use text messages to effortlessly share job openings, engage candidates, and make better hiring decisions. From discrete SMS reminders to interview scheduling via the Textmagic dashboard, our solution is designed to enhance every aspect of the recruitment journey.

Texting is also key in HR communications, making it easy to keep your team informed, engaged, and on top of events or deadlines with SMS reminders.

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Internal communications

Communicate easily with your teams through our secure messaging platform

Whether your teams are mobile or remote, our solution enables you to keep them seamlessly connected. Use text messages to enhance team collaboration and securely share essential work information, reports, and updates.

Inform your teams about policy changes, events, and meetings, or schedule personal reminders and to-do lists that are almost impossible to miss.

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Dispatch & logistics

Optimize your dispatch and logistics with real-time SMS messaging

Improve your dispatch and logistics operations with real-time SMS messaging. Use texts to send automated updates, track deliveries, and optimize how your supply chain is managed.

Connect Textmagic to your existing software, so it’s easy to send automatic alerts and reminders to customers and teams.

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Feedback & surveys

Collect feedback and improve engagement with SMS surveys

Our user-friendly SMS surveys empower your customers, teams, event attendees, etc. to share their feedback. Send a survey after each purchase, closed support ticket, or significant event to improve your products or services.

Monitor responses to gauge audience sentiment, create feedback loops, and quickly address potential issues.