Text message tracking & reports

Track text messages across the globe with near-instant delivery notifications, allowing you to keep track of every communication you send.
Live delivery reports
Textmagic tracks the delivery of every message in real time.
Campaign success reports
Easy-to-read success reports for all your campaigns.
Monthly email report
Monthly account summary delivered straight to your email inbox.

Good overview of your Textmagic account

Check receipt of texts to see if they have been read. Look at your KPIs, reply rates and keep an eye on your business texting costs.
Control your mobile marketing costs
Monitor costs associated with all sub-accounts and optimise your SMS marketing budgets.
Monitor team members’ usage
Monitor staff usage and identify where they can communicate with clients more effectively.
Export report data to a CSV or Excel
Export your report data and use it in your own documents and applications.

SMS tracking & reporting improves your business processes

As with any marketing strategy, it is vital to track the results of your SMS marketing. This will help you make better decisions and generate new or repeat customers. Below are the main benefits of text message tracking and reporting:
Segment your audience
Segmentation means ensuring that your subscribers receive the messages that are most relevant to them. This makes the difference between spam and information. SMS reporting and analytics tools can help you dig deeper into what makes your customers tick.
Improve your timing
They say timing is everything. This is especially true for text message marketing and business texting. You want to make sure that your texts are sent at opportune times. SMS reporting and analytics tools will help you find the right times to send texts to subscribers.
Better control your account
When it comes to account control, the financial statements and sub-accounts sections are undoubtedly the most important. You can view detailed reports of the activity and spending of every sub-account, as well as financial data for each day and text message sent.

Learn how businesses like yours use Textmagic

Here is how the Textmagic business texting platform is helping businesses daily to grow their revenue and improve their productivity.

Frequently asked questions

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How to use Textmagic’s SMS tracking & reporting tool?

Textmagic offers important account insights through its SMS Tracking & Reporting feature. Here’s how you can view and use your account information to further your SMS marketing efforts:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or register for a new account. You should purchase credit and send some text messages to populate your charts and report sheet.

Step #2: Access the feature from the dashboard’s menu, Reporting -> Overview, to view the data summary for all your accounts. Textmagic SMs statistics are updated every 24 hours.
You can download the report in PDF form or change the time period that you would like to display information for.

Step #3: You can check out detailed information about your account from the Messaging Stats, Call Forwarding Stats, Financial Statements and Sub-Accounts statistics.

What are the most important metrics for SMS marketing campaigns?

There are many metrics that you can track, but here are the most important ones:

  • Delivery rate: The percentage of messages delivered to your subscribers list. A delivery rate below 90% should be a warning sign.
  • Opt-in & opt-out rates: The percentage of people who subscribe or unsubscribe from your SMS campaign. If too many people start opting out at the same time, it is probably time to rethink your marketing approach.
  • Reply rate (by list segment): The percentage of people who replied to a text. For more accurate data, you can segment your distribution lists and analyse which one had the highest response rates.
  • Failure rate: The percentage of messages that failed to deliver because of people changing numbers or carriers blocking messages.
  • Help rate: Customers will sometimes use support keywords (such as ‘HELP’ or ‘SUPPORT’) to request assistance. The help rate is a good indicator of an issue with your content.
What metrics can I view in Textmagic’s SMS tracking and reporting tool?

From Textmagic’s SMS tracking and reporting Overview tab, you can view the number of sent and received messages, delivery and reply rates, costs and payments and product usage (online, API, email to SMS, distribution lists, etc.) across the entire account or for specific accounts.

From the Messaging Stats tab, you can view detailed charts with texting data for the entire year. The Financial Statements tab will display detailed information about your balance, expenses and expense type in the form of an organised list.

Last, the Sub-accounts tab will give you more information about the activity of team members. The sub-accounts overview list shows the number of sent and received messages, delivery and reply rates and costs for each account. Clicking on a user will pull out detailed information about the sub-account.

How can I track text messages from team members?

Tracking text messages from team members is extremely easy.
Simply navigate to the Account -> Sub-accounts tab and click on a team member’s account.
Sent and received SMS messages will be displayed under the account details.