Click to text forms

SMS contact forms help you show your availability to the customers and improve your communication with your website visitors and leads.
Texts displayed as SMS chats
All incoming messages using the form are displayed as chats in your Textmagic Web App.
Custom colors and design
Modify the design of the messaging form to match your website’s style and color.
Super easy configuration
The Textmagic editor generates a code that can be easily embedded and integrated onto your site.

Click to text forms features

Customers expect to find answers instantly. If they don’t, they simply move on to another provider – your competition. But you can prevent this by enabling two-way SMS communication via our website contact form.
Multiple SMS forms and segmented lists
Create multiple SMS forms and assign contacts to relevant and unique subscriber lists.
Compatible with any platform and device
Our Click to Text forms can be integrated into any CMS. The form is responsive across all devices.
Fully customizable forms
You can edit any colors, texts, and form fields to match the design of your website.
Easy 1-step embed process
Just copy and paste the embed code of your new form before the tag of your website.

The benefits of click to text forms

Here are six reasons why you should enable your prospects and customers to text you directly from your website:
24/7 availability
Real-time text notifications sent to the mobile app allow you to handle customer inquiries even when you’re not in the office.
Boost your presence in local market
We offer dedicated numbers in multiple countries. SMS contact forms can also be configured to offer support in these countries.
Help customers with buying decisions
Quickly follow-up on questions sent via SMS chat and provide support to customers throughout the buying process.
Send targeted promotional texts
Automatically segment contacts captured via SMS contact form and then get in touch quickly with bulk promotional texts.
Automate SMS client support
Set-up automated responders for different keywords, provide support instantly and re-route technical questions to the right department.
Lower the cost of customer support
SMS is a cost-efficient solution for offering support. It doesn’t require extensive infrastructure or large teams of people.

Learn how businesses like yours use Textmagic

Here is how the Textmagic business texting platform is helping businesses daily to grow their revenue and improve their productivity.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I set up the direct texting widget on my website?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to configuring your own website form:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account, or register for a 14-day free trial. Access the Services -> Forms page.

Step #2: Click on ‘New Form’ and select ‘Click to Text’. You will be redirected to a configuration menu for your SMS contact form. From this menu, you can change your header text, button, and description text, select the number where you want messages to be sent, and change the colors of your form. You can also choose between an expanded and minimized view for your texting widget.

Step #3: The preview refreshes periodically to give you more control over your design. When you are satisfied with your SMS form, click ‘Continue’.

Step #4: Now it’s time to add a few parameters. You can select the countries that you want to receive messages from, and assign contacts obtained through the SMS widget to different subscriber lists.

Step #5: Click ‘Next’ to obtain the code for your SMS widget. Simply copy the code and paste it before the closing tag on your site. Our Click to Text tool is compatible with all platforms and CMS.

Messages sent to your SMS contact form will automatically appear in the SMS chat menu.

How are your Click to Text Forms better than other online SMS contact forms?

Our text message widget sends SMS messages directly to your customers, even after they have left your site. Most online contact forms just capture a visitor’s email and send replies via email, which may not be seen for days. Our tool is better because it provides real-time communication – with important information sent directly to your customer’s smartphone.

What’s more, all new contacts are automatically captured in subscriber forms. This means that you can contact them in the future with personalized text messages or SMS campaigns.

What are the prices and how can I top up my account?

Regular pricing is applied to text messages sent through your SMS contact form. To find out more about pricing per SMS in different countries, please view our Pricing page.

Text Magic is a pay-as-you-go service, so you should add credit to your account regularly. Please keep in mind that configuring the Click to Text function also requires a dedicated number for receiving texts. Prices for dedicated numbers vary between countries.

Can I use different Click to Text Forms on my site?

Of course! You can create as many Click-to-Text forms as you want. These can be added on the same site or different ones. Stats for each contact form are tracked separately. Creating multiple SMS contact forms also gives you more control over your business and allows you to segment audiences into multiple subscriber lists.