SMS Distribution Lists

All emails sent to your SMS distribution list email addresses will be immediately forwarded as text messages to all mobile phone numbers saved in the list.

Send Alerts & Notifications

Reach your mobile workforce or customers wherever they are.

Send to Large Groups

Forward your emails as texts to just one or even hundreds of people.

Add & Remove Recipients

Add mobile phone numbers in bulk or just one by one.

Image: SMS distribution lists settings - forward emails as texts with SMS distribution list
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Works Like a Regular Email Distribution List

For example, your server monitoring system sends an email to your SMS distribution list address and the contents of that email message are then forwarded as a text message to all your SMS distribution list recipients.

Image: Third party application sends out a normal email

Third party application sends out a normal email

Image: Email is sent to your SMS distribution list email

Email is sent to your SMS distribution list email

Image: Email contents will be instantly forwarded as texts

Email contents will be instantly forwarded as texts

Never Miss Another Alert or Notification

Send text message alerts with unlimited recipients spread across multiple distribution lists.

  • Hardware Monitoring Alerts
    When a server crashes at 2 a.m. and an email alert is unlikely to get read, forward it as a text message.

  • Business-Critical Emails
    Get a text notification every time you receive an important email that needs special attention.

  • Team & Staff Alerts
    Quickly send emergency text alerts to an entire team from any email app using SMS distribution lists.

The Benefits of Using SMS Distribution Lists

Below are the main benefits of SMS distribution lists:

  • Save time
    As we already mentioned, using distribution lists saves you the effort of having to manually type in each contact. This is a huge time saver.

  • Send a bulk text via email
    SMS distribution lists will enable you to send targeted texts to different groups of contacts. Segment your marketing and personalise messages.

  • Receive SMS notifications
    You no longer need to check your emails. You will receive a text notification from a third party via a distribution list.

TextMagic Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about TextMagic.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS distribution lists make it easier for you to send bulk SMS to multiple contacts at the same time. Instead of manually sending the same text to your contacts, you can forward the message to a distribution list, thus saving precious time.

Step #1: Create a new distribution list.

Step #2: Add SMS recipients to your SMS distribution list by manually inserting numbers or contacts or by choosing from your pre-defined lists or recently sent texts.

Step #3: Select the information that you want to include in the SMS content, maximum length and sender information. Once the list is complete, click Continue.

Step #4: Now set up forwarding in your email application.

Step #5: You can also send the same SMS to your distribution list using TextMagic’s email to SMS service. Simply copy and paste the dedicated email every time you create a new text message in your email service.

No. You can create as many distribution lists as you need.

Simply click on the wheel icon in the Services -> Distribution Lists tab and click Delete.

Yes! The text messages will be displayed in your dashboard, on the History page. The latter displays the sending status as a percentage. For example, if your text was sent to all the members of your distribution list, you will see a ‘100% DELIVERED’ report.

For more details on delivery status, simply click on the report. Delivered, accepted, failed and rejected texts will be displayed in corresponding tabs.

Navigate to the History tab from the TextMagic dashboard and click on the Status report. You can view the total cost in the Summary tab. You can also check out the cost of each SMS from the Delivered, Accepted, Failed and Rejected tabs.

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