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A smiling doctor reads a text message
5 Reasons Customers Prefer Texting Over Calling
Julia SerdiukSeptember 21, 2021

Ironically, people prefer to use smartphones, not for their primary purpose – making calls, but for texting. Notably, 68% of smartphone users admit they text more than call….

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Online Text Messaging
10 Benefits of Online Texting You Haven’t Considered
Alexa LemzySeptember 13, 2021

Using texting as a form of communication comes with many benefits, such as conveying your message instantly, in a concise format, discretion, and offering your recipient the freedom…

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a young woman reads a birthday text message
7 Rules to Follow when Sending Birthday Text Messages to Your Customers and Employees
Alexa LemzySeptember 10, 2021

Sending customers and employees a text on their birthday is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees and reward loyal shoppers with a birthday treat….

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How to Hire Better With Text Message Recruitment Templates
Alexa LemzyAugust 25, 2021

A good recruitment message means starting the hiring process on the right foot. While potential candidates are bombarded with emails, DMs, and app notifications, you can cut through…

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A young man reading an appointment reminder from mobile phone
How to Write Appointment Reminders that Engage Customers
Alexa LemzyAugust 23, 2021

Are you ready to make no-shows a thing of the past? We’re here to introduce you to appointment reminder texts and help you save time and money. Research…

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a man charging his phone and waiting for his flight at the international airport
How to Charge Your Phone Battery the Right Way
Alexa LemzyAugust 11, 2021

A phone could have all the latest features, and they would be pointless without a long-lasting battery that allows you to enjoy them. Naturally, people are concerned about…

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65 Ready-to-Use Text Message Templates for Businesses
Alexa LemzyJuly 21, 2021

We are often asked how to write attractive messages for customers so we put together a collection of business message samples and text message templates that can help…

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clock on the wall
The Power of Timing – Email vs SMS vs Social Media
Alexa LemzyJuly 19, 2021

Optimizing the best time to send marketing emails is a valuable way to fine-tune your marketing outreach. Keeping up with recent data and studies will help you discover…

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