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text message templates
sms May 3, 2023
54 Ready-to-use text message templates for businesses

Crafting the perfect message that will resonate with your audience can be a challenging task. That's why we've carefully curated a list of 54 ready-to-use text message templates for businesses. All of them share the following elements: powerful call-to-action triggers, ...

business Aug 25, 2021
How to hire better with text message recruitment templates

A good recruitment message means starting the hiring process on the right foot. While potential candidates are bombarded with email...

Businessman got debt collection text message
business Dec 17, 2020
Actionable ways to use text messaging for debt collection

Be aware: In North America, sending such texts is strictly forbidden, and this type of campaign is prohibited to safeguard consumer...

hacker performing sms spoofing
security Apr 19, 2022
SMS spoofing explained and how to avoid being a victim

Concepts such as SMS spoofing, smishing, and phishing have increased in popularity in the last few years. However, very few people kn...

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SMPP protocol: The technical side of SMS marketing

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Woman Texting On Phone - Conversational messaging
business October 26, 2023
What is conversational messaging and how does it improve SMS marketing

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sms October 18, 2023
10 Best SMS gateway APIs to send text messages

Effective communication enhances relationships, boosts productivity, and fosters growth. To this day, SMS remains a vital tool for ...

security October 11, 2023
What is vishing? Unmasking voice phishing scams and techniques

Vishing, an insidious blend of voice communication and phishing tactics, presents a formidable challenge as scammers refine their m...

Reaching out to clients by SMS
marketing October 6, 2023
SMS outreach: How to use text messages to engage your clients

Nowadays, staying connected with clients requires more than just traditional emails or phone calls. SMS outreach presents a dynamic...

security September 27, 2023
Smishing uncovered: How to protect yourself from SMS phishing and fraud

At one point or another, you might have gotten one of those SMS messages that look like promotions. But then, they pop up without y...