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65 Ready-to-Use Text Message Templates for Businesses
Alexa LemzyJuly 21, 2021

We are often asked how to write attractive messages for customers so we put together a collection of business message samples and text message templates that can help…

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clock on the wall
The Power of Timing – Email vs SMS vs Social Media
Alexa LemzyJuly 19, 2021

Optimizing the best time to send marketing emails is a valuable way to fine-tune your marketing outreach. Keeping up with recent data and studies will help you discover…

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A businessman typing email to text message
Email to Text Service Simplifies Communication with Your Staff and Clients: This Is How It Works
Alexa LemzyJuly 12, 2021

Using email to text for your business has many advantages, and can benefit companies of all sizes, as it offers more than just sending texts via email to…

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Emoji text in mobile phone
When Texting Emojis in Your Business Communication Is a Good Idea?
Alexa LemzyJune 3, 2021

For many people, emoji have become a part of daily texting. Our texts to friends and family are full of them, but should we use emoji SMS at…

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The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Internal SMS to Streamline Staff Communication
Alexa LemzyApril 29, 2021

Companies ignore the value of communications at their peril. The pandemic has caused an unprecedented turn to remote work, making effective communications a top priority for business success….

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Engage Your Customers With Text Message Art
Alexa LemzyApril 23, 2021

Text messages have been around since 1992. They’ve been a popular means of communication for personal and business reasons. To make text messages more exciting and fun, text…

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Smartphone Addiction Statistics: Shocking Usage Patterns You Need to Know
Alexa LemzyMarch 31, 2021

Do you often find yourself compulsively checking texts, notifications, or emails? Is checking your phone the first thing you do after waking up, and the last thing you…

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What Is a Text Blast and Why Is It Needed?
Alexa LemzyMarch 19, 2021

When you need to get a message out quickly to a large group of people, texting is an ideal option. It isn’t practical to text hundreds of employees…

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