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SMS for Call Centers - cover
sms May 21, 2024
Text messaging for call centers: No more waiting on hold

It’s a real challenge for call centers to increase revenue and decrease costs without forfeiting the quality of customer support...

Text message errors cover
sms April 17, 2024
Text message errors: Common SMS error codes and how to fix them

Text messages play a key role in facilitating both business and personal communication. However, the reliance on texting also comes...

Image depicting the use of SMS for healthcare
sms April 12, 2024
SMS for healthcare: How to improve patient care with text messaging

Text messaging's main appeal lies in its accessibility. With over 5 billion people worldwide able to send and receive SMS messages,...

sms March 29, 2024
Emergency SMS alert system for crisis communication management

When facing unfortunate circumstances, having a reliable crisis communication system in place is crucial. From weather emergencies to...

SMS autoresponders
sms March 25, 2024
Upgrading your text messaging with an SMS autoresponder

SMS autoresponders are a company’s best option when it comes to offering clients the information they seek, on the spot. Autoresp...

Transactional SMS Cover
sms February 19, 2024
Transactional SMS explained: Why should your business use it?

In the crowded world of email communications, where important messages often get lost, ignored, or mislabeled as spam, the need for...

Textmagic SMS Opt-in/Opt-out Cover
sms January 11, 2024
SMS opt-in and opt-out: A guide to effective messaging compliance

Having accessible SMS opt-in and SMS opt-out mechanisms is essential for the success of your campaigns. Giving and withdrawing consen...

general November 13, 2023
SMPP protocol: The technical side of SMS marketing

The Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) Protocol is a key component in text messaging technology. It serves as a critical link in the...

sms October 18, 2023
10 Best SMS gateway APIs to send text messages

Effective communication enhances relationships, boosts productivity, and fosters growth. To this day, SMS remains a vital tool for ...