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security October 11, 2023
What is vishing? Unmasking voice phishing scams and techniques

Vishing, an insidious blend of voice communication and phishing tactics, presents a formidable challenge as scammers refine their m...

security September 27, 2023
Smishing uncovered: How to protect yourself from SMS phishing and fraud

At one point or another, you might have gotten one of those SMS messages that look like promotions. But then, they pop up without y...

security August 31, 2023
Text message scams: how to spot and report suspicious messages

Text message scams, also known as SMS scams or text message fraud, refer to deceptive and fraudulent schemes conducted through text...

Communicating middle storm
security May 18, 2022
How to Make Crisis Communication Management a Snap via SMS Text Messaging

In a crisis, effective, rapid, reliable communication is vital. From weather emergencies to health alerts, you must be certain your b...

hacker performing sms spoofing
security April 19, 2022
SMS spoofing explained and how to avoid being a victim

Concepts such as SMS spoofing, smishing, and phishing have increased in popularity in the last few years. However, very few people kn...

An elder lady got a suspecious phone call and looks a credit card in her hand
security March 15, 2022
How do scammers get your cellphone number and how to protect yourself

Scammers get your phone number and use highly sophisticated methods to con you of money and sensitive information. The number of sc...

a young woman shows a mark of silence
security October 8, 2021
Texting lets you reach 911 stealthily and here’s how to do it

Did you know you can text 911 from your mobile phone rather than call? You can now text your local police or emergency service...