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Text messaging for event management cover
marketing April 23, 2024
How to use text messaging for event promotion and management

In the past years, getting the word out about an event, concert, party, or conference posed incredible difficulties. Not anymore. Tex...

marketing April 9, 2024
Travel marketing for agencies: Latest strategies and SMS solutions

The travel industry has been expanding shoulder to shoulder with the internet, making digital marketing a key component of growing ...

Customer trust through SMS
marketing April 3, 2024
Building customer trust through secure SMS marketing practices

Have you ever received an unsolicited sales pitch or spam message on your phone that immediately caused you to lose trust in that b...

how to grow a mobile opt-in list cover photo
marketing March 8, 2024
Top strategies for growing your mobile opt-in list in 2024

Mobile opt-in lists help businesses reach their audience in a personal, direct manner, using messages that resonate with their clie...

Online texting benefits
marketing February 14, 2024
Top 10 benefits of online texting services you haven’t considered

Texting stands as the pinnacle of convenience for instant communications, offering unparalleled flexibility where recipients can en...

Push vs SMS notifications cover
business February 7, 2024
SMS notifications vs. push notifications: Which one is right for your business?

Sending a notification to a user’s mobile phone is one of the most reliable ways to get a message out quickly. SMS and push notif...

MMS marketing guide
marketing January 30, 2024
MMS marketing: A guide to enhanced customer engagement

Projected to reach 7.5 billion users by 2026, the growth in mobile users highlights the rising potential of both SMS and MMS. By ad...

SMS for Hospitality blog cover
business January 17, 2024
Automated hotel text messaging: How to improve hospitality business with SMS marketing

Automated texting, the newest advancement in guest messaging for hotels, has been revolutionizing the hospitality industry, buildin...

SMS marketing for restaurants
marketing January 5, 2024
SMS marketing for restaurants: Key benefits & best practices

SMS marketing, particularly vital in the time-sensitive restaurant industry, enables instant communication with customers, crucial ...