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Car salesman showing a new car in a car showroom to a business couple
business December 18, 2018
Lead generation for a car salesman: Deal-closing tactics

Leads are the lifeblood of your sales income. Earning potential takes a nosedive without high-quality leads that can buy. No...

Woman browsing online-shop in mobile phone
marketing November 26, 2018
Mobile live chat and real-time customer service

Playing guinea pig for your company’s new software roll-out is a daunting experience. Especially when that software involves liv...

Chatbots answering customer questions
marketing May 28, 2018
How to Use Chatbots for Your Business

Chatbots are nothing new. Despite their increasing popularity, chatbots have been around for decades, though in different forms. T...

Manager discussing database maintenance with a colleague at the workplace
marketing April 26, 2018
Text message marketing and database maintenance

In our increasingly connected world, text message marketing is one of the greatest marketing tactics. Why? Because it allows you to...

the woman is painting
business December 19, 2017
How artists can use text messaging to attract and retain clients

Whether you paint, sing or write, your art is your livelihood. Therefore, you rely heavily on your clientele – and the steadier ...

Cinema city movie centre
business September 11, 2017
Best text marketing practices for cinemas

Text message marketing in the entertainment industry is rapidly gaining ground as an influential publicity channel. Until recen...

bank cards
business August 16, 2017
How Banks & Financial Services Can Benefit from Bulk SMS Provider

Mobile has become one of the most personal communication channels. More and more companies are implementing two-way text messaging to...

Florist small business, flowers in table
business July 21, 2017
7 Ways to easily grow your florist business with SMS marketing

Despite the fact that smartphone penetration in the United States has reached 57%, many businesses have yet to include mobile mark...

Checklist for Writing Business Texts
business June 28, 2017
Checklist for writing business texts [Infographic]

Multiple case studies have proven that there are at least three reasons for a business, be it a small one or a large corporation, t...