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small business mobile marketing - woman on mobile phone
marketing June 26, 2022
7 Mobile marketing best practices for small businesses

Mobile marketing is by far the best strategy you could use to grow your business because it instantly reaches the audience you’r...

Young women in a fashion studio reading a text message
business May 23, 2022
7 Tested Ways to Use Texting for Your Small Business [Infographic]

Using digital tools for communication is now a staple in our world. Communication via the internet, email, social media, and, most...

mobile marketing done right - woman holding mobile
business April 12, 2022
21 Inspiring quotes about the future of mobile

Mobile isn't just another channel; but an entirely new digital lifestyle and a vehicle for progress. Join us in exploring quote...

marketing January 18, 2022
How to boost SMS campaign results by sending videos through text?

Text messages and video are both highly effective tools for marketing, and they get your message across to tons of people simultan...

giving feedback from mobile phone
marketing January 3, 2022
7 Review request templates to text for customer feedback

One advantage of using text to stay in touch with customers is the opportunity to increase your number of customer reviews. SMS su...

Young afro American woman reading a happy new year text message
business December 22, 2021
Happy New Year text message ideas and templates

New Year is one of the most universally celebrated holidays on the calendar. In other words, it’s the ideal time to reach out to...

a woman reading text message and holding Christmas present
business December 13, 2021
Holiday text messaging tips and SMS templates for business

It’s that time of year again – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and other special dates are right around the corner. The...

A smiling woman reads a personalized text message
business October 28, 2021
How to grab your prospect’s attention using personalized text messages

Whether you are contacting one person or thousands, your text can always benefit from personalization. Customized text messages ma...

Browsing eCommerce Sites
marketing September 20, 2021
10 Ecommerce SMS templates to help you sell by text

Texts adverts and promotions represent an excellent method to announce sales and bring customers to your physical store. But, c...