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Browsing eCommerce Sites
marketing September 20, 2021
10 Ecommerce SMS templates to help you sell by text

Texts adverts and promotions represent an excellent method to announce sales and bring customers to your physical store. But, c...

a young woman reads a birthday text message
marketing September 10, 2021
7 Rules to follow when sending birthday text messages to your customers and employees

Sending customers and employees a text on their birthday is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees and reward loy...

clock on the wall
marketing July 19, 2021
The power of timing in marketing: Email, SMS and social media posts

Optimizing the best time to send marketing emails is a valuable way to fine-tune your marketing outreach. Keeping up with recent da...

marketing April 23, 2021
Engage your customers with text message art

Text messages have been around since 1992. They’ve been a popular means of communication for personal and business reasons. To m...

Girl in fitness club
marketing December 2, 2020
Fitness center and gym SMS solutions + 15 free text templates

Every New Year, fitness clubs see a HUGE increase in enrollment. Motivated by the desire to get fit or lose weight, thousands of p...

Multimedia messaging service-MMS
marketing January 30, 2020
MMS messaging for business: An overview of its benefits and applications

MMS messaging has been around for almost 20 years now, but many businesses are not taking advantage of its unique capabilities. M...

people walking at shopping mall
business July 1, 2019
How to bridge online and offline shopping with text messaging

It’s no secret that eCommerce has impacted consumer shopping habits. Brands must reach customers online now in order to stay compet...

Man walking outdoors and reading a text message on his mobile phone
marketing May 7, 2019
3 Benefits of texting with Textmagic

SMS is one of the fastest and most affordable forms of communication. Since everyone has a mobile phone, texting is the easiest way...

Last minute sale in lap top monitor
business April 17, 2019
Five tips to boost last-minute sales and improve your bottom line

At some point, your business will experience a decline in sales. It could be because of changes in competition, the seasons, your m...