Email Lookup Service

Stop wasting time contacting invalid email addresses. Check the status, deliverability, and risk level of email addresses with our email validation service.

 Instantly Check Email Status 

Emails are validated instantly. We also show the risk level and status of checked emails.

Remove Fake Emails

Only contact relevant emails and remove fake or inactive ones from your mailing list.

Validate in Bulk or via API

Validate many email addresses using CSV upload or one by one via an API call in a matter of seconds.

Email Lookup Service

Improve Your Outreach & Marketing with Email Lookup

With our email validation service, you won’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist.

Save Time & Budget

Validating emails will significantly reduce the time spent contacting invalid addresses and thus help you control your budget.

Check Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver mails to a subscriber’s inbox. Analyze it with our tool and gauge your outreach efforts.

Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

There’s no point in contacting hundreds of inactive emails. Our email validator takes the guesswork out of your marketing campaign.

Purge High-Risk Emails

Email risk assessment analyzes a contact’s reputation using multiple factors, such as IP, provider, and other info that validates identity.

Control Email Validation Costs

TextMagic offers full financial control over your account by providing cost estimations for bulk checks before you perform them.

View Historical Data

All email address validations are saved to your account for 60 days and can be accessed at any time later, or exported to CSV.

Benefits of Using the TextMagic Email Lookup Service

Reduce your bounce rates by removing temporary and disposable emails from your campaigns.

Integrated Solution

We provide full access to our API. Get more details about any email address instantly, by integrating our API into your software. Check out our API documentation.

Protect Your Email Sender Score

Consistently check and remove email addresses from your list to preserve your email sender score. Rejected emails and your unknown user rate negatively impact this score.

Free Trial Period

Experiment with the email address lookup service and many other useful features by signing up for a free trial. Paid plans start at $10 per month with 0% transaction fees.

Relevant Contact List

Use our email address tester together with the Carrier Lookup service and SMS Lists to update your contact list and segment your targeted audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our most popular answers about our Email Lookup service.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using our Email Lookup tool:

  • Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free trial.

  • Navigate to Lookup -> Email Lookup.

  • In the “Single Lookup” tab, write down or paste the email you want to validate. The cost of validation is displayed beforehand.

  • Click on “Check Email.”

  • Our tool will show the status and deliverability of the email address, along with other useful information such as risk level and service provider.

To check another email, reset the date, or type in a new address.

  • From your TextMagic account, in the Lookup -> Email Lookup section, navigate to the Bulk Lookup.

  • Click on “New Email lookup.” You have two options when uploading the data:

    1. Import an Excel or CSV file with your emails.

    2. Manually copy and paste emails from your list.

  • After submitting your list, click “Continue.” Our tool will display the individual price, total cost, and estimated time. Click “Start.

  • We will test the email addresses for you in a few seconds and return another CSV file with the results. Click “Finish.” All your bulk checks will be saved under the Bulk lookup tab.

Both Email Lookup tools can tell you whether the email is valid or not. If you’re only looking to check whether or not an email exists, the free tool should be sufficient. However, the paid tool has a few essential upgrades:

  • The paid tool displays the results instantly. Validating with the free tool takes more than 10 seconds.

  • It also shows vital information that is not available with the free tool, such as status, deliverability, risk level, email role, and more.

    Our tool connects to mailboxes through “mailbox pinging.” Email address pinging uses a start machine (e.g., desktop/server) and an end machine (e.g., the mail server). The process is pretty straightforward, but many remote mail servers have anti-spam measures in place to protect from untrusted connections (like your PC).

    Our technology is trusted by most mail providers, thus making it easy for us to provide instant information about 99 percent of emails.

    Of course not. Our tool only pings the server. The email owner will not receive any notification regarding your attempt to validate their email.

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