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Steal These SMS Reminder Ideas to Avoid Losing Sales
Alexa LemzyFebruary 22, 2021

Every business needs to send reminders to customers or employees. A well-timed alert can prevent missed bookings and deliveries or prompt clients to keep the ball rolling. Even…

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A foman gets a text notification
SMS Notifications and Push Notifications: What’s the Difference?
Alexa LemzyFebruary 9, 2021

Sending a notification to a user’s phone is one of the most reliable ways to get a message out quickly. SMS and push notifications both enable you to…

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a woman laptop on her knees working at home with a dog sitting next to her
How to Attach PDFs to Text Messages
Alexa LemzyJanuary 21, 2021

Plain text isn’t always enough to convey your message. If you need to send more detailed or complex information, adding images and format content can be more effective…

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Checking SMS messages
How To Write Effective SMS Messages for Marketing Campaigns
Alexa LemzyJanuary 7, 2021

SMS marketing has become one of the most powerful mobile marketing tools for businesses. Did you know that customers redeem coupons distributed by SMS 10 times more often…

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Businessman got debt collection text message
Actionable Ways to Use Text Messaging for Debt Collection
Alexa LemzyDecember 17, 2020

Cash flow management is a great challenge for businesses. Failure to meet financial goals can result in delayed settlement of salaries and overheads. But how can you persuade clients…

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happy new year text - woman celebrating the new year
Get the Most Out of Happy New Year Texts
Alexa LemzyDecember 9, 2020

New Year is one of the most universally celebrated holidays on the calendar. In other words, it’s the ideal time to reach out to your SMS customer base….

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Excited woman with a mobile phone in hand
Text Subscription Service: Everything You Need to Know
Alexa LemzyDecember 3, 2020

Modern consumers want to have more direct interactions with brands. They also want the engagement to be more personal. 72% of consumers say they respond only to marketing…

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Girl in fitness club
Fitness Center and Gym SMS Solutions + 15 Free Text Templates
Alexa LemzyDecember 2, 2020

Every New Year, fitness clubs see a HUGE increase in enrollment. Motivated by the desire to get fit or lose weight, thousands of people flock to gyms. According…

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