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62 Ready-to-Use Text Message Templates for Businesses
Alexa LemzyAugust 5, 2022

We are often asked how to write attractive messages for customers so we put together a collection of business message samples and text message templates that can help…

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A woman using audio text messaging at office
How to Upgrade your Business Communications with Audio Messaging
Alexa LemzyAugust 1, 2022

Voice messaging is often overlooked as a business communication method, even if it has multiple advantages: you can communicate on your own pace, in an expressive manner, without…

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How Inbound Text Messaging Gives You a Boost over Your Competition
Alexa LemzyJuly 27, 2022

Ever since the first text message was sent in 1992, SMS has provided reliable and fast communication for individuals and organizations alike. It continues to grow in popularity…

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TextMagic Hubspot SMS automations featured image
4 Easy HubSpot SMS Automations with TextMagic and Zapier
Ioana SimaJuly 20, 2022

Today we will continue our series of integration tutorials with a quick guide on HubSpot SMS automations. All of the automations in this article can be created with…

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16 Marketing Ideas for Small Business That Work Like a Charm
Raluca MocanuJune 29, 2022

Marketing ideas for small business are often the most creative because when budgets and resources are at their lowest, innovation must be at its highest. Indeed, small businesses…

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small business mobile marketing - woman on mobile phone
7 Mobile Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses
Juan Pablo CastroJune 26, 2022

Mobile marketing is by far the best strategy you could use to grow your business because it instantly reaches the audience you’re targeting, on any device. The following…

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A woman reading a text message
How Text Messaging Can Reduce Costs for Your Business
Alexa LemzyJune 15, 2022

You are probably reading this to optimize your spending. You’re looking to reduce business costs and increase the profitability of your investments. Today, the business operates in a…

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TextMagic SMS Opt-in Guide
The Ultimate Guide to SMS Opt-In and Opt-Out Best Practices
Raluca MocanuJune 9, 2022

Why do people opt in to text messaging campaigns? A staggering 57.4% of them are looking to save money. But that is just one of their many reasons…

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