Import Mobile Numbers

The process of uploading mobile phone numbers from a CSV or Excel file is simple.  The import wizard validates your numbers and saves them in the correct format.

Upload Mobile Numbers

Upload thousands of contacts from a CSV or Excel file.

Copy & Paste Numbers

Copy and paste hundreds of mobile numbers from text files. 

Duplicates Get Removed

All imported data is validated and duplicates get removed.

Import contacts from an Excel file or copy from clipboard

Manage Your Imports & Account Data

To make the service simple to use and transparent in regards to privacy, we give you an option to export or delete all your data at once.

  • See the Overall Statistics of the Whole Team
    We show the total number of sent and received messages as well as contacts stored and active sub-accounts in your team.

  • Protect Your Private Data
    If you feel you don't want us to store your messages and contacts anymore, you can delete all your private data in a few clicks.

  • Download Information When Needed
    If you need to perform deeper analysis, just export all your data in a CSV format and analyse further with any reporting tool.

Export any data you want from TextMagic account

TextMagic Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about TextMagic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or register for a trial account. Go to the Lists tab and click on New Contact. Instead of manually importing your contacts, you can click on Import multiple contacts to begin the importing process.

Step #2: Choose the Upload Excel or CSV file option and choose the file you wish to import. If all the mobile numbers are from the same country, specify it in the Options tab. If you are importing contacts from different countries, you should add the country code next to each number in your Excel sheet.

Step #3: Assign your contacts to a list and click on Continue. You will have to match your data with the custom fields. Click on Continue to begin the import session.

Step #4: You will be notified via email once the import session is completed.

Step #1 & #2: are similar to the previous importing option. Instead of importing with CSV, you will select the Paste numbers from your clipboard option.

Step #3: Separate your contacts with spaces or commas and ensure that you have only one number per row and column. If you’re importing mobile numbers from multiple countries, you will have to add the country code for each contact.

Step #4: Assign a list to your contacts and click on Continue. You can check which contacts were imported by navigating to the Import tab. The imported data shows you the number of contacts imported successfully, duplicate contents that were excluded and contacts that failed to import.

Data used by the TextMagic Messager desktop software is stored locally on the PC where you use it. This means that you will also have to import contact lists directly into the desktop application. Here’s our step-by-step guide to importing mobile numbers to the TextMagic messenger:

Step #1: Launch the desktop application. Navigate to File -> Import Contacts from the menu. You can select the source (.CSV, vCard, MagicMessage phonebook, etc.).

Step #2: Select the contact list file from your computer. The SMS software will show you a preview of the imported data. You will have to map the information on each column before importing.

Step #3: It is wise to create groups before you import data so you can easily assign your contacts to them. Click on Import and wait for the application to process your data.

You can create as many marketing contact lists as you need. However, creating too many lists can become very confusing. We advise you to use a maximum of 20 SMS lists for marketing and work processes.

You can use TextMagic’s standard fields and create your own custom fields (with information such as date of birth, job title, address, etc.) to customise your address book. Please keep in mind that you must create the custom fields in your TextMagic account prior to importing it. Create columns with your CSV numbers and fields in the Excel file and match them during the importing process to avoid errors.

The TextMagic SMS platform makes it easy for you to rectify failures. Simply navigate to the Import -> Failed tab and click on the Edit button next to an incorrect number. Correct the errors and click on Save.

Creating custom fields with TextMagic is easy. All you have to do is to navigate to the Contacts -> Custom Fields tab and create the field. SMS tags pull information from custom fields to personalise bulk SMS messages, thus giving your text message marketing campaign a human touch.

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