Use Email to Send SMS 

Mobile marketing (for product promotion) is a very powerful tool for your business – and this is where sending SMS messages using email stands out.

You can set up a two-way communication without needing to write even one line of code: all you need is an email client and a TextMagic account. With this system, you can send ordinary emails, and your recipients will receive SMS messages (and vice versa, when they reply to you, you will receive their text through email).

Getting started

To start sending text messages from your email, you first need to configure your Email to SMS settings.

To add email addresses for sending an SMS:

  1. Log in to TextMagic (or start a free trial if you haven’t registered yet).
  2. Go to Allowed emails.
  3. Add the email addresses that you own or control, one per line.
  4. Click Save.
Please note, if an email address does not belong to you, we recommend you use a Distribution List.

Send SMS from an email

The following example email will send The Free Encyclopedia in an SMS to the two mobile phones with the numbers listed.

From:[email protected] (Add your allowed emails).
To:[email protected], [email protected]
Subject:You can leave the subject blank.
Body:The Free Encyclopedia

The recipients (+4412345678 and +4912345678) will receive this email as an SMS.

Send & Receive Settings

The Send & Receive Settings lets you control the amount of each email you send as an SMS. They also limit the number of texts per message. These settings will help you control your budget.

  1. Log in to TextMagic (or start a free trial if you haven’t registered yet).
  2. Go to Send & Receive Settings.
  3. Edit your message content and length settings as needed.
  4. Click Save.
Please note, you are charged according to the length of the text message you send.

You’re now ready to send and receive SMS messages via email.

The next step

Now you’ve learned how to send text messages using email, please see the next section, Receive SMS to Email, to learn how to receive inbound text messages from an email address.