View Your Invoices

With the TextMagic API, you can check the invoices and transactions for your account.

Get all invoices

To view all of your invoices, use:

GET /api/v2/invoices

with the parameters:

Name Required? Example Description
page No


Fetch the specified results page. The default is 1.
limit No 25 The number of results per page. The default is 10.

Only parent users and administrator sub-accounts can view invoices.

You will receive this paginated response:

Parameter Example Description
page 3 The current fetched page.
limit 25 The number of results per page.
pageCount 150 The total number of pages.
resources Array of invoice objects See session below for details.

Invoice resource format

Parameter Example Description
id 1099 The invoice ID.
bundle 200 Top up amount.
currency USD Top up currency.


VAT charged (if any).


MasterCard ending in 1234

Payment method description.

The next step

Now that you’ve learned how to view your invoices via the TextMagic API, you can check our Code libraries to view ready-made scripts in different languages which you can use to quickly build powerful SMS based applications.