Restrictions and Limits

The TextMagic SMS API has only one restriction and two limitations. Learn more about them below. 

Number format restriction

You must use the E.164 phone number format during the API request as no local phone formats are accepted (i.e. use 447045678945 instead of 070 4567 8945). This restriction has been applied to ensure delivery to the desired number without any accidental local-to-international phone transformations.

Maximum “limit” parameter value

Commands that return an array of resources (for example, GET /api/v2/messages) can take the limit parameter, which can be between 1 and 100, otherwise it will be replaced with the default value of 10.

API request frequency limit

You may not execute more than 20 requests per second. If you do, a 429 Too Many Requests error will be returned. Please note that you can use contacts, lists and templates for sending multiple messages simultaneously per request.


The next step

Now you’ve learned more about Restrictions and Limitations, the next section will show you Encoding.