Forward Important Email Alerts as Texts

In this section, you’ll learn how to forward your emails as text messages to one or even to hundreds of people and learn how to never miss another alert or notification.

How distribution lists work

All emails sent to your SMS distribution list email addresses will be immediately forwarded as text messages to all the mobile phone numbers in that distribution list. You can read more about distribution lists from our marketing site or help center.

How to create a distribution list

To create a distribution list:

  1. Go to Distribution lists.
  2. Click New distribution list.
  3. Give your list a name.
  4. Add recipients (phone numbers, contacts or lists).
  5. Choose the content and message length settings.
  6. 6. Choose what phone number will be sent with the messages. Click here to learn more about sender settings.
  7. Click Continue.

Now you can set up forwarding in your email application or send emails to the distribution address.

Anyone who knows the email address associated with your distribution list could send an email to it. This could result in several messages being sent from your account. Therefore, it is advised that you don’t use this email address for signing up an account or share it with the public. Keep it secret.

Distribution list usage (example)

Let’s imagine we’ve created a distribution list and have added +447812345678, +447812345679, +447812345670 numbers as recipients.

In order for all of them to receive the text message, we send an email with following details:

Subject:You can leave the subject blank.
Body:Server downtime started 10:32:02 UTC. Please react ASAP.

As a result, all three recipients will receive the text message and will be able to react quickly to fix the server issue.

You can also include TextMagic contact lists and separate contacts in the distribution list’s recipients field to avoid having to add numbers one by one.

The next step

Now you know how to use distribution lists, we suggest that you read the next section to see how to use different sender settings.