On this page, you’ll learn about the different sender settings and how to set the reply number in messages.

The differences among sender settings

By default, the SMS you’ve sent will use the reply numbers that are shared among all your customers.* Those can be used for free. However, to personalize the number, there are four different sender settings:

FeatureShared reply numberDedicated numberAlphanumeric Sender IDOwn mobile number
Can receive repliesYesYesNoTo mobile
Is shared among sub-accountsYesNoYesNo
Monthly feeFREEFrom £2.40FREEFREE
*  Even though the numbers are shared, every customer can only see their own replies. Read more.

Get available sender settings

To get the currently available sender settings, use:

GET /api/v2/sources

with the following parameters:


for the United States

for France

Two-letter ISO country ID. If not specified, it returns all the available sender settings.

The result is an array of strings that you can specify in the from parameter:

POST /api/v2/messages

grouped by type:

shared Array of shared numbers strings.
dedicatedArray of dedicated numbers strings.
senderIdsArray of alphanumeric sender IDs.
userArray of verified account phone numbers (currently only one).

The next step

To learn how to manage dedicated numbers and Sender IDs using the API, proceed to the Numbers and Sender IDs pages, respectively.