What is an alphanumeric Sender ID?

Sender IDs allow you to send personalized text messages that do not need a reply. You can apply for Sender IDs that are closely connected to your business; for example, HotPizza, ITDelivery, Insurance This is the best solution for transactional SMSs with order confirmations or temporary security codes.

All Sender IDs are reviewed by our support team.

Note, in several countries the sender ID feature is not supported. Please test before using it in real sending sessions.

Get all your approved Sender IDs

To get all Sender IDs numbers that you have applied for, use:

GET /api/v2/senderids

with these parameters:

pageNo 3 Fetch the specified results page. The default is 1.
limitNo25The number of results per page. The default is 10.

You will receive the standard paginated response:

page 3The current fetched page.
limit25The number of results per page.
pageCount150The total number of pages.
resourcesArray of senderid resourcesSee next section for senderid resource format details.

Get the details of a specific Sender ID

To get a single Sender ID, use:

GET /api/v2/senderids/{id}

where id is the Sender ID. Note, this command has no parameters.

You will receive a response in the following format:

id37Numeric sender ID.
senderId Example HotRodAlphanumeric ID.
statusA Sender ID statuses:
  • P for Pending. This Sender ID is being reviewed by our support team.
  • R for Rejected. Our support team rejected your application for this Sender ID.
  • A for Active.
useruser resourceUser who applied for this Sender ID.

Apply for a new Sender ID

To apply for a new Sender ID, use:

POST /api/v2/senderids

with the following parameters:

senderIdYes Example HotRod Sender ID that you are applying for.
  • 11 characters maximum
  • Only Latin based characters and digits are allowed
  • Should contain at least one letter
explanationYesBecause it equals to my company name.Explanation why do you need this Sender ID.

If successful, you will get the standard link response:

id 37Id of a new Sender ID.
href/api/v2/senderids/37Link to Sender ID.

Sender IDs are shared between all of your sub-accounts.

Delete a single Sender ID

To delete a specific Sender ID, use:

DELETE /api/v2/senderids/{id}

where id is the Sender ID. Note, this command has no parameters. If successful, this command will return the standard delete response (204 No Content), otherwise the standard error response will be returned.

The next step

You’ve now learned how to manage Sender IDs via TextMagic API. Please take a look at the Messages: Send section to learn how to send text messages using these Sender IDs or continue to the next section to learn more about contact Lists.