Two-Way Text Messaging - SMS Reply Service

Two-way text messaging from your computer saves time, money and minutes on your mobile phone.

2-way SMS is great for businesses. Rather than just talking at your customers, you can use two-way SMS to talk to them. In addition, our two-way text messaging service lets you connect with partners and field-based employees easily.

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How 2-Way SMS Works

TextMagic offers different ways to receive SMS replies including:

  • Get text messages sent to your mobile phone.
  • Receive replies to your TextMagic account (on the web, via our API to your application, or to the TextMagic Messenger)
  • Have replies sent to your email.
  • Change your settings whenever you like.

To maximize brand recognition, set the sender ID to your company name, customer support phone number or any other contact point. So, rather than seeing just a phone number in the sender field, your recipients could see "TextMagic", "Area 51", "Two Way SMS" or any other name or number. Please note that unless you use a phone number as a reply option, receiving replies in not possible. 

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Country-Specific SMS Reply Numbers

If you want your two-way SMS to appear to come from a specific number, you can use any of the following numbers simply by editing your reply options – at no additional cost. Further country-specific local mobile phone reply numbers will be added as they become available.

Country Available mobile number Cost Status
United Kingdom +447624800500 Free Active
United Kingdom +447797805460 Free Active
United Kingdom +447797807380 Free Active
Finland +3584573950033 Free Active
Australia +61428102137 Free Active
Germany +491771781422 Free Active
Denmark +45609910277 Free Active
Sweden +46730121313 Free Active
Netherlands +31614793549 Free Active
Netherlands +31642500108 Free Active
Italy +393456645473 Free Active
South Africa +27836499581 Free Active
Spain +34911061252 Free Active
France +33673276734 Free Active

How can 2-way SMS benefit your business?

  • Receive replies to your sent text messages FREE – even if you’re currently located outside your main mobile coverage area.
  • Get SMS replies sent straight to your computer from anywhere in the world. Empower your business with SMS marketing campaigns that solicit feedback, customer data, or other information that can fuel your future success.

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