Forward Emails to Your Mobile: SMS Alerts With TextMe

TextMagic’s TextMe will forward Emails to SMS, so you can receive important email alerts when you’re on the move. A special mailbox is created for your email SMS alerts and the address mapped to your mobile device.

All emails sent to this address will appear on your phone as text messages. You can even create a comprehensive alert service and forward email to mobile devices held by employees and partners.

Please note: TextMe is one-way service, it only forwards emails to mobiles.If you are looking for two-way service, see our Email to SMS service.

Video tutorial: How to forward Gmail emails to your mobile as SMS text messages

Email SMS Alerts: The Benefits

  • Get urgent information and Email to text alerts on the go.
  • Use all your favourite alerting services simply by using your TextMe SMS email address.Alert entire groups quickly and easily with a single email-to-text message.
  • Maximise cost-effectiveness by setting limits on how many SMS alerts should be generated per email. Use any email application, online or on your desktop, to forward email to mobile devices.

Set Up TextMe Email SMS Alerts to Get:

  • Stock price information
  • Betting tips
  • Sports scores
  • Server alerts
  • Birthday reminders
  • Forwarded emails to your mobile

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