Global SMS Coverage

Reach customers, prospects and staff in the United States or worldwide with access to over 1,000 mobile networks.

Networks in the United StatesCountry prefix
High Quality Routes

All our text messages are sent via Tier 1 SMS gateway routes.

International Text Messaging

You can text to more than 1,000 networks in 200 countries.

Track Delivery Rates

Track every message you send and monitor delivery rates.

TextMagic helped us address a major CRM issue and the platform was quite good at allowing us to import a lot of data at once which saves us a lot of time.
Anil Khandelwal
TextMagic has been an awesome tool for my real estate business and a huge factor in helping my business grow. Not to mention, it’s web interface super user-friendly!
Wynn Pham

Virtual Mobile Numbers Available for 33 Countries

Rent a local dedicated SMS number starting from £2.40 / month

Local & Global Coverage

Some of our numbers can receive text messages globally.

Local SMS Numbers

Rent a number for any country and appear local to your customers.

Cheap Local Replies

When people text your local number they only pay their local costs.

Australia £4.90 / month
Austria £4.00 / month
Belgium £2.40 / month
Canada £2.40 / month
Chile £2.40 / month
Denmark £4.90 / month
Estonia £3.20 / month
Finland £4.00 / month
Germany £5.70 / month
Hong Kong £5.70 / month
Ireland £5.70 / month
Israel £5.70 / month
Italy £22.00 / month
Lithuania £4.00 / month
Netherlands£4.00 / month
Norway£3.20 / month
Puerto Rico£2.40 / month
Slovakia£5.70 / month
South Korea£2.40 / month
Spain£2.40 / month
Sweden£2.40 / month
Switzerland£5.70 / month
United Kingdom£2.40 / month
United States£2.40 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how global SMS coverage works? Take a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions from our customers.

The TextMagic SMS software delivers messages globally through Tier 1 connections via local dedicated numbers. Tier 1 networks directly connect to the global internet backbone of a specific region, thus ensuring that all your SMS messages are successfully delivered.

Certain mobile operators filter texts from alphanumeric or numeric sender IDs to protect their clients. Alphanumeric sender IDs are not supported in several countries (full list available here).

Furthermore, specific restrictions also apply to North America. TextMagic does not support sender ID SMS to the United States or Canada. To send messages to these regions, you will have to purchase dedicated US and Canadian numbers ($4/month).

You need to adjust Sender settings. Click Edit next to your SMS destination country and choose the desired sender ID/number.

Of course. Select the number from the Numbers tab, click Cancel and confirm your cancellation. Once you cancel a number, you will not be able to restore it.

You can send SMS messages using your company name if you use a sender ID.

You can apply for up to ten sender IDs per account. The maximum length of a sender ID is 11 characters. You can apply for a sender ID here.

A sender ID might be filtered out by some network providers. Please test a sender ID before using it.

Dedicated numbers give you more control over your SMS marketing campaign.

  • The greatest benefit of virtual mobile numbers over shared reply numbers is the fact that you can receive SMS messages online from anyone who knows your number.
  • Dedicated numbers can be displayed on your company’s website, banners or ads.
  • Calls received on a dedicated number can be forwarded to your mobile/landline number.
  • TextMagic offers dedicated numbers in more than 30 countries.

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