Send Audio Recordings as Voice Calls

Upload your audio files and deliver them as calls straight to your customers’ phones with our voice broadcast feature.

Automate Your Marketing Message

Upload a recording and send it as a crystal-clear call straight to your customers’ phones.

Get Closer to Your Audience

There’s simply no better way to reach someone than with a personal call.

Save Time by Sending in Bulk

Send voice messages to multiple phone numbers in real-time with TextMagic.

Voice broadcast

Send Your Marketing Message to a Few – or a Few Thousand

No matter how many customers you want to reach, save time and money by using voice broadcasts. Deliver appointment reminders, voice campaigns, automate customer alerts, conduct surveys, and more.

Voice Broadcast: Step 1

Upload a high-quality audio recording in .MP3 or .WAV format (up to 90 seconds long).

Voice Broadcast: Step 2

Select the recipients (or recipient lists) and send the recording as a voice call straight to their phones.

Voice Broadcast: Step 2

Your customers get an incoming call that plays your pre-recorded audio message.

  • Powerful Marketing Tool to Reach Any Audience
    Voice messages drive high levels of trust among recipients, especially when you're communicating time-sensitive or confidential information.

  • More Information than Text Messages
    With up to 90 seconds, you can deliver much more information in your voice recorded messages than you ever could with a simple text.

  • Get Their Attention Immediately 
    Need to pass on critical information or get a fast response? Our voice broadcast software is perfect for delivering urgent messages in bulk.

  • Schedule Campaigns on Your Timetable 
    Send voice messages to phones whenever you want using the scheduling feature. Have full control over your voice broadcasts and increase open rates.

Local Dedicated Numbers Available in 33 Countries

If recipients send you text messages, they only pay standard texting costs – at no additional cost to you.

Australia £4.90 / month
Austria £4.00 / month
Canada £2.40 / month
China £2.40 / month
Czech Republic £4.00 / month
Denmark £4.90 / month
Estonia £3.20 / month
Finland £4.00 / month
Germany £5.70 / month
Hong Kong £5.70 / month
Hungary £4.00 / month
Indonesia £2.40 / month
Ireland £5.70 / month
Israel £5.70 / month
Lithuania £4.00 / month
Malaysia£2.40 / month
Mexico£9.70 / month
Netherlands£4.00 / month
Norway£3.20 / month
Poland£9.70 / month
Puerto Rico£2.40 / month
Romania£5.70 / month
Russia£2.40 / month
Slovakia£5.70 / month
South Africa£2.40 / month
South Korea£2.40 / month
Spain£2.40 / month
Sweden£2.40 / month
Switzerland£5.70 / month
United Kingdom£2.40 / month
United States£2.40 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to deliver more information to customers without creating long text messages is by creating voice broadcasting campaigns. Here’s how you can create and send audio text message broadcasts to your subscribers:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or register for free.

Step #2: Navigate to the Compose menu available in the message app's sidebar and swap from Text Message to New Voice Broadcast in the upper right corner. 

Step #3: Create and upload your audio file in the appropriate field. Select your recipients from your contacts or lists, and edit your sender settings.

Step #4: Click on Send. Voila! Your SMS voice broadcast has been sent. There is also a Text to Speech feature available in the same Compose menu that transforms text into voice.

Schedule voice broadcasts like regular text messages. Instead of clicking on Send, select the Schedule message option on the left side of the screen. You can set your voice broadcast to be sent on a given date, or repeat hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The software automatically calculates the cost of sending a voice broadcast as you edit it. The price will vary according to the number of recipients, country, and length of the audio file. You can view the cost of your voice broadcast underneath the Audio file field.

Easy! If you want to send your voice broadcast to multiple recipients, you can add contacts manually or add an entire list to the To field.

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