Bulk SMS Gateway API: Integrate Text Messaging Into Your Applications!

Connect to TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway using our HTTP SMS API or Email to SMS services.
TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway API allows application developers to send text messages to more than 700 global mobile networks.

You can integrate bulk SMS messaging services into your applications, websites, software and back-office custom apps. With our HTTP SMS API, it’s quick and easy. If you don’t want to spend time and money writing code, use our ready-made SMS scripts FREE. Available in PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl and Python.

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The Benefits of TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway API:

Our API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate bulk SMS messaging into your applications. It offers:

  • Fast, global SMS delivery. You can send group texts to an unlimited number of mobile phones in 200+ countries. Your SMS messages will arrive in seconds.
  • Communication via SMS in any language. Our SMS server supports standard GSM character set and Unicode characters, so you can send and receive text messages in English, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and more.
  • Two-Way SMS functionality with our SMS reply numbers. Recipients can reply to your text messages, which are delivered to your application via our two-way SMS Gateway server.
  • Text messages of any length. Instead of dealing with annoying message breaks for long texts, TextMagic allows messages up to 459 characters in a single text message!
  • Custom sender IDs. When sending texts via our HTTP SMS API, you can display any of your registered mobile numbers as the sending number, use your own mobile phone number, or use a sender ID, such as your company name.
  • Delivery rate tracking of your SMS campaigns. You can request delivery notifications of all sent messages. All mobile phones return delivery notifications and you can get them via our SMS Gateway.
  • Sub-accounts to manage multiple SMS Gateway API users.
  • Fully documented API manual. Read the SMS Gateway API Integration Manual

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on a developer to let your SMS applications access our bulk SMS gateway. Save time and money by using our ready-made SMS HTTP scripts FREE!

Browse our API script libraries! Download them now and check out the power and flexibility they offer.

SMS Script More info link Status
PHP SMS http://api.textmagic.com/https-api/sms-api-php-wrapper Image Descripton
Python SMS http://api.textmagic.com/https-api/python-sms-api Image Descripton
Perl SMS http://api.textmagic.com/https-api/perl-sms-api Image Descripton
Java SMS http://api.textmagic.com/https-api/sms-api-java-wrapper Image Descripton
Ruby SMS http://api.textmagic.com/https-api/ruby-sms-api Image Descripton

These script libraries handle communication with our SMS server and serve as text messaging middleware. All scripts are well documented and easy to install.

Pricing for Bulk SMS Messages

There is no up-front cost associated with the TextMagic Bulk SMS Gateway API. Simply buy a bundle of SMS credits or sign up for a free trial, and you get instant access to all TextMagic´s features.

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to start using our SMS Gateway API, you can get started right now by buying some SMS credits.


To help developers new to TextMagic’s software and framework, we’ve published a detailed, searchable online manual at http://api.textmagic.com It includes descriptions of commands, illustrated with examples and testing hints.

Read the SMS Gateway API Integration Manual >>

Instant Activation! No credit card required!