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Canyon Creek Dental Case Study

Discover how Canyon Creek Dental family dentistry used Textmagic’s SMS solutions to reach out to patients to remind them of appointments in an unobtrusive way.

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  • San Antonio, Texas
  • United States
  • Founded in 1994
  • 7 Employees
  • Doctors and Health Care Practitioners
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Textmagic has helped to decrease the number of missed appointments. Thanks to the reminders, less patients forget their appointment. It is an affordable way of communicating that our patients like.
Mary Higgins Owner

About Canyon Creek Dental

I have a dental office. We send reminders to patients, and send messages to update insurance, cell phone number, address etc. Our clients all have cell phones and prefer text and email.

The Business Challenge

People say they never received the reminder phone call or do not ever check voice mail or answering machines at home. The days of the land line are practically gone.

How Textmagic Helped

The patients like being reminded by texts. It is unobtrusive and we can text several times and they don't feel like we are nagging them. They can confirm or cancel easily.

The Results

The patients are showing up for their appointments. It is surprising how people have short term memory. They will forget a morning phone call, but the text message stays with them. We can remind them up to an hour before the appointment.

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