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Recommend, refer, and resell TextMagic to others and earn 20-30% lifetime recurring commission from each purchase.

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Sign up and earn up to 30% commission for every customer you introduce to our platform. Forever.

Unlimited Commissions
60 Day Cookie

Get multiple unique affiliate URLs to track all your campaigns, referrals, and sales on various channels.

Dedicated Affiliate

A custom affiliate dashboard with media assets and resources that you can log into 24/7 to check your stats in real-time.

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Simply complete the sign up form and you will become our partner instantly.

Affiliate Commission Rewards Structure

Promoting TextMagic products can get you up to 30% in commissions, as follows:

1 - 25

First Time Depositors

20% Commission

26 - 50

First Time Depositors

25% Commission

51 - 100

First Time Depositors

30% Commission

Why Become a TextMagic Affiliate?

#1 SMS
Service Provider

TextMagic is the industry’s leader in text message solutions. We offer a fully-featured business platform and integrations with popular apps.

Account Configuration

You can get your SMS affiliate account up and running in less than two minutes with FirstPromoter and no coding from a developer is required.

Commission Payout

We automatically credit commissions to your PayPal account every month without delays.

Customer Support

We help our partners succeed. You get a dedicated manager to answer your questions and help you make the most of our program.

Business Results

TextMagic has high conversion rates. 35% of trial accounts switch to paid accounts, and 51.8% of first-time clients choose to continue using our services.

Pristine Customer

We have served over 100,000 customers since 2001. Our services also have a 5-star rating on Capterra and a 9.1/10-star rating on Trustpilot.

Become a Master Affiliate

Recommend new affiliates to join our program and earn a 10% lifetime revenue for every commission that your recommended affiliates earn through our program.

How Does Referring Customers Work?

To start earning revenue with the TextMagic SMS Affiliate Program, you need to start referring customers to TextMagic using the special affiliate link.

  1. Join TextMagic SMS affiliate program using the FirstPromoter.com platform.
  2. Follow FirstPromoter instructions and finish your account setup.
  3. In the end, you will see a referral link that you should share with your customers via your marketing channels.
  4. If a visitor clicks on your affiliate link in your email newsletter, blog sidebar, website, article, review link, etc., they will be redirected to TextMagic.com.
  5. Whenever the referred customer makes an order, it is marked as your referred sale and you receive 20% of the revenue. The more first-time depositors you have, the higher the commission.
  6. We only need to track the account registration via your affiliate link. Once your referred customer has signed up, we are able to track all purchases and credit them as your sales, even after user changes his device or clears browser cache.
  7. You receive affiliate commission payouts via the FirstPromoter.com platform.

TextMagic Customers and Their Orders Statistics

The numbers below are the latest stats from TextMagic. We do not guarantee these numbers, however, you can check them to get a better overview of your earning possibilities.

Parameter Value Value
Average order value $67
Conversion rate from trial to paid 35.4%
Average customer lifetime value $597.2
The average number of lifetime orders per customer 9-10 orders
The average period from initial order to second order 12 days
Conversion rate from initial order order to second order 51.75%

TextMagic SMS Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements

Please read the below rules carefully. Joining the TextMagic Affiliate Program automatically means you have read and agreed to the below terms.

Any TextMagic affiliate attempting to circumvent or violate these regulations will have their credit voided, will
receive no more payments, and will be banned from our SMS affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TextMagic?

TextMagic is the #1 text marketing platform for business. The platform empowers businesses to schedule texts, send real-time alerts, promote events, drive bulk text marketing campaigns, automate support, ultimately generating higher revenue for millions of products and services.

Can I join the affiliate program on another platform?

Yes, our affiliate program is also available via ShareASale. If you prefer this platform, simply join TextMagic SMS affiliate program using Shareasale.com platform and follow the same steps outlined above for FirstPromoter. Please note that the tiered commission structure is not available via ShareASale.

Do you also have an SMS reseller program?

Yes! Introduce your customers to better SMS communication and earn custom commissions and multi-level rewards through our SMS reseller program. Our partnership program is dedicated to software developers who want to integrate our SMS solutions via an API or resell them as a custom solution. To integrate our SMS solution, please follow these steps:

  • Decide on the type of SMS gateway integration you wish to promote. There are two options: the Email to SMS or the SMS API gateway. Test everything from your TextMagic dashboard to make sure it works
  • Copy your referral link from the FirstPromoter dashboard and place it on your callout buttons (e.g. “Add SMS credit” / “Buy credit” / “Sign up for a free trial”).
  • Customize your buttons directly inside the application or use our branding assets from the FirstPromoter dashboard. We use cookies to track leads before they convert. Once a transaction is complete, it will be assigned to your reseller account, and all future purchases will be tracked automatically.
  • Optional: Because we offer full access to our tool through the API, the customization possibilities for our SMS solution are endless. Make it easier for customers to get started with SMS by writing a short guide detailing the features you offer.
  • Our SMS software is suitable for all industries, including security, loan management, insurance, and beauty. Please check out our industry-specific pages to see how TextMagic SMS solutions can be integrated into your business flow.
Do I need to become a TextMagic customer to become an affiliate partner?

No, you are not required to be a TextMagic customer to be an affiliate partner. If you would like to try TextMagic you can sign up for our free trial. No credit card required.

How much does it cost to become a TextMagic partner?

Nothing. The TextMagic Affiliate Program is completely free of charge. You will earn money for every referral who signs up for TextMagic as a paid customer.

Who is eligible to join our affiliate program?

Anyone who is willing to promote or resell TextMagic products. Digital marketing agencies, bloggers, reviews websites that are willing to work on an affiliate basis.

How do I join the TextMagic Affiliate program?

You just need to join TextMagic SMS affiliate program by completing the sign up form. Include your affiliate link in your posts, emails, or website banners. If someone registers using your link you will and becomes a customer you will start earning.

Can I promote your affiliate program through PPC (pay-per-click)?

Of course! PPC is a very popular means of promotion. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not allow our affiliates to bid on branded terms.
These include: text magic, textmagic, textmagic.com, text magic messenger, www.text.magic.com, www.textmagic.com, textmagix, magic text, magic message, txt magic, textmagic messenger, www.textmagic.om, textmagic login, textmagic.co.uk, www.textmagic, magictext, magic SMS, http://textmagic.com, SMS magic, text magic home, text magic.com, text.magic.com and any other obvious variations.

If you are found to have contravened this rule, you will immediately be banned from our affiliate program.

How can I increase my earnings as an affiliate?

Besides PPC there are several other ways to earn more revenue with TextMagic Affiliate Program:

  • Provide a short Getting Started guide for your potential customers. This guide may include instructions on setting up a TextMagic account and buying credit. This strategy has dramatically increased conversion rates for many of our affiliates.
  • Create custom banners that will appeal to your audience.
  • Add multiple TextMagic buttons throughout your site or app.
  • Write comparative reviews highlighting why TextMagic is your choice for SMS software.
Where can I find my SMS referral link?

The SMS reseller link can be accessed via your FirstPromoter dashboard. To find your referral link, simply scroll down to “Share on social media.” The link is customizable.

PRO TIP: You can add your individual URL parameter (e.g “?fpr=yourname”) to any URL on the TextMagic site to track referrals.
https://www.textmagic.com/business-text-messaging/?fpr=yourname to track resells through this page.

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