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Athenix Body Sculpting Case Study

See how Athenix Body Sculpting reduced the number of missed appointments with Textmagic’s help.

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  • Aliso Viejo
  • United States
  • Founded in 2009
  • 200 employees
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Choosing Textmagic for our medical practices was the best decision for our business! Patient communication at its best!
Stefanie Schultz Supervisor

About Athenix Body Sculpting

We specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery for all body types. Our goal is to make each patient look and feel their very best. We have offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Fresno, Seattle & Portland.

The business challenge

We live in a whole new world, where technology is king. Slowly but surely, fewer and fewer patients preferred to speak on the phone when booking appointments, and we saw a significant spike in no-show rates. We decided we needed to try something new to connect with our patients, which was easy to set up and use.

How Textmagic helped

Textmagic has changed everything for us. We saw a considerable increase in booked appointments, rescheduling, and an overall improvement in patient communication. The app makes it SO easy to manage from home (especially when working remotely due to a worldwide pandemic).

The results

Daily, the amount of time we save for each employee is immeasurable. We can connect with multiple patients, all at the same time, with ease. Our patient satisfaction level has been increasing year after year, and our patients show up for their appointments now!

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