Freight Hauling (Rail and Truck)

CASE STUDY Freight Hauling (Rail and Truck)

Bram van Tuyl Koel en Vriestransport Case Study

Read the Bram van Tuyl text messaging case study to see how SMS can be used for two-way communication in the freight hauling industry.

Bram van Tuyl Koel en Vriestransport
  • Gameren, Netherlands
  • Netherlands
  • Founded in 1983
  • 50 Employees
  • Freight Hauling (Rail and Truck)
  • Visit website
Textmagic has helped us to send the required information to our truck drivers with little effort.
J.J. Van Tuijl
J.J. Van Tuijl Manager

About Bram van Tuyl Koel en Vriestransport

Refrigerated transport for your product is a breeze for BvT! For it is precisely when your product needs just that little bit of extra attention, that we are your transportation partner. BvT is a committed and collaborative partner with years of experience in the logistics industry. We aim for a maximum service provision and thereby seek to optimize your logistical requirements. This is because we want to unburden you as the customer, so you can focus on what you do best.

The Business Challenge

With trucks spread all over Europe we were looking for a fast to implement, fair priced service for sending SMS messages to trucks or drivers, not equipped with one of our telematics boardcomputer. We wanted to copy-paste info (loading addresses, reference numbers) from our planning tool into a SMS in one mouse click.

How Textmagic Helped

With using the Email to SMS service, we are sending about 1000 messages a month to different receivers using a shared address book, which all planners can access easily. It is great that SMS messages get delivered quickly.

The Results

We are now sending information to our drivers more quickly than before and without typos (compared to typing an SMS on mobile phone manually). We actually copy info from our Transport Management System into an Email (to SMS).

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