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Argus Radiology Case Study

Read the Argus Radiology case study and find out more about the applications of text messaging in the healthcare sector.

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Textmagic closed the loop on our automated system monitoring, and I sleep better at night knowing I will be notified of problems quickly.
Tim Leibovich
Tim Leibovich Director of IT

About Argus Radiology

Our Radiologists read hundreds of studies (some with hundreds of images each) per day, and our clients transfer diagnostic images to us from around the country. It is important that our image transfer and routing systems are up and performing well.

The Business Challenge

We require monitoring that quickly and automatically notifies us when problems occur in our system. Some of the open source solutions do not have a robust notification engine, and our Answering Service was not equipped to respond to emails, so we were presented with the task of figuring out how to get automated notifications to the people who could quickly alert us by phone.

How Textmagic Helped

Textmagic offered a flexible system, configurable in minutes, that allowed us to bridge the gap and send text messages based on emails, and those texts would originate from the same number every time. This closed the loop on our notification system.

The Results

We are now notified quickly when there is a problem or a potential problem, even in the middle of the night. Sometimes we are able to alert our customers to a problem now before they are even aware, and all of it is possible while saving thousands of dollars by using a lean setup with open source monitoring.

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